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'AOTS' Wednesday, March 18

Posted March 18, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Resident Evil...
Apple's newest iPod redesign makes the Shuffle the smallest music player in the world at 0.3" thick with controls mounted on the headphones and a voice feature that tells you what you're listening to. But is $79 the right price for 1,000 songs on 4 GB?
Attack Of The Show knows what you like, what makes you laugh, and has an exhaustive list of your private information that includes your PIN numbers.
Kevin and Alison are ready to throw down a huge battle between their three favorite blankets made with sleeves. Which will win out? Is it the Snuggie, the Slanket, or the one that started it all, the intrepid Freedom Blanket.
It's time for our weekly trip into the world of de-evolving humans with a post-St. Patrick's Day look at the fool's who over-booze and aim to lose. Really, how could you go wrong with a drunk guy on stilts in a busy street?
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
The DVD for Rob Schneider's 'Big Stan' is out next week and he's in the studio live to talk a little bit about man-rape, martial arts, and shooting the movie at an actual prison. You know, life's most important stuff.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
Austin, TX is packed to the gills with bands of interactive geeks right now but Chris Gore is there to cut through the haze and deliver the most interesting innovations from otherbox.com, hourville.com, and popcuts.com.
IBM may gobble up the Sun, the Discovery Channel sues Amazon, and Linux becomes attractive to ailing companies are all headlines from today's Feed, brought to you by the lovely Mrs. Kristin Adams.
Pizza Scooter, Death Toilet, Big Dog 2.0, O'Reilly Audio Book, When Grandma Attacks.

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