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AOTB Presents: Watchmen Theatre

Posted March 11, 2009 - By Ty Colfax

Here at Attack of the Blog, we believe it's important to see the lighter side of things; the shorter, less giant blue dongy side of things. And that's why we've created a short 5-part series entitled Watchmen Theatre. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 1 finds our intrepid friends in the break room when Dr. Manhattan overhears something scandalous.

Watchmen Theatre Presents: The Unrequited »

Episode 2 peers into the living room of a dysfunctional couple enjoying some Gadget Pr0n. 

Watchmen Theatre Presents: The Married Couple »

Episode 3 shows what's it like to be on the outside looking in, Rorschach style.

Watchmen Theatre Presents: Rorschach Misses the Elevator »

Episode 4 peeks into the private lives of The Comedian and Silk Spectre as they exchange an awkward rendez-vous.

Watchmen Theatre Presents The Awkward »

Episode 5, our final opus, looks into the inner world of show biz as the Comedian attempts to pitch a new project to E!

Watchmen Theatre Presents: Everybody Dies »

Many thanks to our graphics guy, Momo, for use of the figures and for the fantastic intro.

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