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Crack The Spine: 'Killer Of Demons' #1 Of 3

Posted March 9, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

Crack The Spine: 'Killer Of Demons' #1 Of 3If you see demons all around you and get messages from the Almighty through angelic messengers, you're either a prophet, crazy or Dave Sloan, the hero of Killer of Demons. Actually, Dave might be both a prophet and crazy and that's one of the more intriguing things about the new mini series from X-Men writer, Christopher Yost.

Once upon a time, Dave lived a normal life. He worked at a nameless mega- corporation, made love to his cop girlfriend and basically waited for death, like most  people. However, he woke up one day and realized that things were suddenly different, mostly because his head had become a glowing, blue inferno and he had been joined by an angel sidekick (neither of which anyone but him could see). It's amazing how little things like that can totally change your life. One day you're doing accounting work in a tiny cubicle, the next you're gutting demon strippers and beheading infernal hash slingers.

It all sounds like a good time, like something out the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer universe. However, unlike Buffy, Dave's not sure he's the anointed demon slayer his angel companion Uriel tells him he is, nor is he sure that Uriel even exists or that the demons he sees masquerading as humans are real. He doesn't exactly enjoy his heavenly slaying duties either, ironic considering the body count the guy racks up every other page, and that's the crux of the book.

It's his internal conflict which keeps the story from being a copycat of Buffy and prevents this beautifully drawn book (Scott Wegener pulling art duty) from coming off as a complete cartoon, or at least one of the Saturday morning variety. There's blood, guts, fingers and pathos galore with just a dash of sex, which all makes for an enjoyable time, especially if you love the occult or just like to see heads fly. We may not know until Issue three whether or not Dave is crazy, but you'd have to be crazy to not at least give Killer of Demons a glance.

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