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Web Tools: Ritzy Social Site For Millionaires

Posted March 9, 2009 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Web Tools: Ritzy Social Site For Millionaires

Are you a millionaire, and are having trouble finding like-minded millionaires to hang with on the internet? Sure, we all are. It's a problem, indeed. Well, look no further, as a new website, affluence.org, is here to help you out with your problem. If you have a verifiable worth of over $3 million, or a household income of over $300,000 a year, you are welcome to join for free, which is good, since it won't put a dent in your considerable savings account.

Not only do you get to e-hang with your close millionaire and billionaire buddies, but you also get free access to a dedicated "Affluence Concierge," though I'm not exactly sure what that means, and 'receive priority access to the world's most exclusive nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants.'  Which is good, right? Because you don't already get that stuff in your real life, so you need a website to handle it for you.

Fret not, however, if you're not in the financial elite. All you need do is find five other rich people to vouch for you, and you're in! That means you can have the same Concierge service and access to exclusive parties and restaurants as your rich friends, as long as they're willing to admit to being friends with a Plebeian like you!

It's a win-win.



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