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'AOTS' Wednesday, February 25

Posted February 25, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
It's time for your weekly dose of schadenfreude and today we're checking out some videos of old people and the senior moments that take them one step closer to the grave.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
It's important to stay abreast on your games, which is why Adam Sessler would like to come on 'AOTS' and tell you about the best downloadable games that are available right now on PSN and Xbox Live, including the 'GTA IV' DLC.
Scooter Crash, Slalom Skateboarding, The Stinger, NaQed Part 2, 'High School Musical' Guy.
After a terribly executed fan video from YouTube showing a kid dancing to 'High School Musical,' the entire studio is overcome by dance fever and the only cure is some hot, hot dance moves.
Blair Butler has a little advice for you on which comic books you need to be picking up at least once a month based on their consistently good issues. She'll talk about 'Battlefields,' 'The Sword,' 'Secret Six,' and other can't misses.
So, you've got billions of dollars you're sitting on, but when the time comes to make some purchases, Olivia would like to encourage you to grab some rich bastard toys like a bust of your own head or maybe a King Ghidorah sculpture is more your style.
Layla reports the latest on Google's involvement with an anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft, Perez Hilton's record breaking amount of web views, Michael Cera joining the cast of the 'Arrested Development' movie and more.
Resident Evil...
Asus has proven their meddle with their Eee Netbook, but now they want to get into PCs. But how does the extremely economically priced $600 desktop with a 15" touch screen, built in wi-fi, and the Intel Atom processor stack up to our tests?

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  • sergeruzeck

    Hi Olivia and Kevin I love your show the most even though I dvr it so I can fast forward to the best like The Feed, The Loop and my other fav gaget pron. I downloaded the safari like you showed yesterday on my vista and your right it's great. However like the iphone no java?
    So it works great with multilplatformed sites with no java. You think they will ever figure that out? I love my iphone the only apple item I have ever owned cause I am a pc guy only.
    However it seems they will all have to work the same and soon. Thanks for your great show I even have it linked on my sites cause everyone should know all you share with us.
    Love and Kisses your loyal fan!!
    Serge of Chicago;-) Home of Gotham City and Public Enemies movie with Johnny Depp and Christan Bale who made the movie on my street and in my building...and yes I know them both too;-)

    Posted: February 26, 2009 10:00 AM