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AOTS Tuesday, February 10

Posted February 10, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
It's Comic Con Season and New York is the first of the big cities on the docket. Blair Butler did a little traveling and brings us breaking news from Todd MacFarlane, Robert Kirkman, the 'Star Trek' comic universe, and Dave Gibbons from 'Watchmen.'
We know, it's hard to determine what's weird and what's normal in Japan, but we found some of the really weird stuff in their commercials, newscasts, and science museums.
DVDuesday is back and Chris Gore's got some reviews for the Bruce Campbell B-movie, 'My Name is Bruce,' 'Tim & Eric' Season 2, and Oliver Stone's awkward masterpiece about our former president, 'W.'
It's time to profile two of YouTube's hottest rising young musicians who've pioneered a specific style of work dubbed the "videosong" in today's Who's Who on YouTube.
Alison Haislip is here to guide you through your Tuesday feeding, including stories about Google's visual green effort and Intel investing a ton of money in themselves.
Bright Kite is a new social networking site that uses geographic location to keep you tuned in to what your friends are doing, and it all works with your mobile device so it really does know where you are.
Rollerblader, Beard Music, Salma Hayek Breast Feeding, Sony Onion.
Nerd love can be tough and it can be gloriously rewarding which is why Olivia is here to clue you in on what a nerdy girl wants and what you should go out and grab for your potential geek valentine.
Attack Of The Show knows what you like, what makes you laugh, and has an exhaustive list of your private information that includes your PIN numbers.
We found an old advertisement Kevin made for a foundation that helps grown men look more destitute and dirty so that celebrities like Salma Hayak are more willing to bare their chests for them.

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