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AOTS Friday, February 6th

Posted February 6, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
We hear a lot about potential iPhone killers, but if you're looking for tons of space including a Micro SD slot, stereo speakers, a better camera with a flash, GPS, flash-enabled browsing, and a big 2.8 inch LCD screen, you just might have found it.
There has been a mighty wind of bad tidings sweeping the internets because of X-Play's review of 'Killzone 2.' Adam would like some time to explain himself in the AOTS forum, and so here it is.
If you're wondering why robots in movies are only designed to kill, we've got some great robot news for you. These guys are designed to help the common good and they don't come equipped with any ballistic guns or self-destruct bombs.
Layla Kayleigh is here to get you to the end of the work week with today's Feed, including stories about a Google library on your iPhone, the white spaces in your broadband, and wi-fi at the Apple Store.
Some say toys are just for kids. We say toys are for kids at heart and that's why we've got a short list of the finest toy blogs to help you sort out your figures, matchboxes, and other various tactile distractions.
We've got a top 3 list that will blow your mind. It's the hottest, baddest, most tattooedest list ever created and you're gonna wanna see this.
MovieMan is a new service for the modern male looking to skip the crappy movies that his lady wants to see. Curious how it works? Just watch!
.44 Magnum Nerf, Starfish Hitler, Eagles are Jerks, Blow Up Doll Guy, Women Love Objects.

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