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AOTS Tuesday, February 03

Posted February 3, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
'Coraline' is a new film being released this weekend based on a 2002 Neil Gaiman novel and we got the opportunity to sit and chat with the cast and crew about what makes the world of stop motion film making so challenging and so rewarding.
Just five dudes who met at Hofstra University in New York and have a penchant for the comedy filmmaking, that's all these dudes are. And they're good at it, too.
Times are tough and everyone's trying to figure out how to cut corners to save dough, but don't cut coupons like your Grandma, go hack yourself instead!
Every once in a while Olivia gets a little anxious and she has to bust up a drug ring. Maybe that's why she knows so much about the sweetest new handheld weapons that can help you get the jump done should you decide to join her.
Alison hates to bring bad news but it looks like companies publishing their earnings from the fourth quarter of '08, are taking huge hits. Motorola lost 3.6 billion dollars despite having a 100 million surplus and that's not all.
Batman Flips Out, Kevin is 40, L337 Granny, Kid After Dentist, Songsmith Economy.
Check out this TV ad we found for an "alternative" medicine dentist named Dr. Pangolin who works out of a nasty mobile home.
Chris Gore, our resident film expert, is back for his weekly movie advice segment and today he's got the juice on 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno,' 'His Name Was Jason,' and 'Hulk Vs.' as well as a quick pick that will blow your face off.

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