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AOTB Tech Review: 512 Meganosh Bagel Drive

Posted February 3, 2009 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Sometimes, the perfect combination of utility and whimsy catches the eye, and, when it does, my job as a delivery system of knowledge must not fail me, so I am bound by my agreement as an editor at Attack of the Blog to tell you about the 512 meganosh Bagel Drive from Bupkes Bakery in Baltimore, MD.

A bagel that most closely resembles a Lender's Bagelette, the Bagel Drive is a lacquered actual bagel with a shmeer of cream cheese (made of some putty or such) and a USB connection protruding from it, which makes it appear as if there is a bagel in space, floating in front of your computer as you use it. Brilliant! It was easily recognized by my computer, and functioned well and quickly.

The bagel drive is available for purchase at www.bageldrive.com, and is $24.95 for a 1G (giganosh) model. The website also has a Yiddish glossary for those gentiles who like bagels and tech all at the same time, and technical advice from Tanta Sophie, who is, apparently, the most wired resident of her retirement community.

Seriously, we see lots of tech stuff every day here, but this is awesome and clever, all at once. Check it out.

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