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DVDuesday Bonus Feature: Other 'Rock' Movies

Posted January 27, 2009 - By Mike D'Alonzo

In honor of Chris Gore's weekly look at movies, we're instigating a new feature here on Attack of the Blog, called DVDuesday Bonus Features, which takes a look inside the movies that Chris will feature on the show. This week, Chris is looking at RockNRolla and The Rocker, which caused us to think of other movies with 'rock' figured prominently inside.

So, here we go...

1. The Rock (1996)  - Those who despise Michael Bay should take a harder look at this movie, which takes a whimsical look at biological terrorism using the awesome backdrop of Alcatraz for its setting. As if that weren't enough, Sean Connery is the only man to have ever successfully escaped The Rock (the nickname for 'Traz), and he's called in to help. It doesn't get any better than Connery getting down and dirty in the San Francisco Bay.

2. Rock N' Roll High School (1979)  - It would have been enough for P.J. Soles to be the amazing and amazingly hot Riff Randell, trying to save her high school from the exquisitely evil Miss Togar, a rock n' roll hating bureaucratic Nazi. It would have been enough to watch Ron Howard's younger bro Clint do his best work as Eaglebauer, making out inappropriately with a mannequin. But then The Ramones make their appearance, named as honorary students to help the good kids of Vince Lombardi high save their way of life. Seriously, this movie is awesome.

3. Rocky (1975)  - Come on, you know you love Rocky Balboa. Try and imagine a world in which you hadn't seen Rocky in six other movies and he hadn't become a parody of himself. Then, add to it the fact that Stallone wrote it himself, and that Mr. Balboa almost single-handedly ended the Cold War, and you have some small idea of what a phenomenon this movie is.

4. School of Rock (2003)  - Before you got tired of Jack Black, he was really funny, and, aside from the first Tenacious D album, he was never better than in School of Rock, which featured Jables and a group of young kids rocking so hard it made a whole generation of kids run to take music lessons...before the total collapse of the world economy, that is. Still, one can only hope those kids learned to play the blues before their parents lost all their scrilla.

5. Be Cool (2005) - Ok, I know it doesn't have the word "rock" in the title, but Be Cool definitely qualifies here for the transformative performance of Dwayne Johnson, known to all of the jabronis of the world as The Rock, and what he's cookin' in Be Cool is an amazing character who acts, dances, and looks amazing in a cowboy outfit, hilariously checking himself out in a full-length mirror.

There you go. A couple of bonus tracks to rock with today. Look for more next week, and please let us know what your favorite 'rock' movies are.

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