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Attack of the Staff: Luke Wahl, Segment Producer

Posted January 27, 2009 - By TylerColfax

We'd like to give you a little peek behind the curtain to show you just what running a daily live TV show is like. To that end, we have decided that roughly once a week, we here at the new AOTB will be profiling a member of the Attack of the Show staff. There's already fireworks this week as we've made our controversial first pick. Won't you read on?

Luke Wahl
Title: Segment Producer
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Position: Casual Determinism
Favorite season: Toss up between Rabbit and Duck

AOTB: What's your problem?
LW: Lots of stuff. I am a man who used to have many vices. Women and wine used to be two of my favorite pastimes. As I have gotten older, I have chosen to make these things less prevalent in my world. Now, I make fun of people a lot to fill the gaps, entertain myself, and mask my insecurities.

AOTB: What do you do on AOTS?
LW: I am a segment producer. This means that I do anything from writing and supervising the edit of voice-over driven packages, to preparing in-studio stunts and interviews. I also am the self proclaimed "staff heartthrob". This title does me little good though, since there are only 3 girls on staff, not including Derek Johnson.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Derek Johnson, AOTS Associate Producer, had this response - "I might be a little upset if I knew who Luke Wahl was or what she does on our staff.  I think I knew a barista named Luke Wahl once."]

AOTB: What's your favorite moment from the show that you helped create?
LW: It is, and will always be, the character "McHammer". Someone else here came up with the idea to make him a character, but I wrote the rap that Kel did, finalized his look and got the stuff together. I did the highly underrated "Taxidermy Olympics" which I found freaking hilarious. I also am responsible for putting together the "Best of Olivia" shows, which I think turned out pretty well. See below for said "McHammer" sketch.
AOTB: What's the biggest epic fail from the show that you can remember?
LW: Nothing. Even when AOTS goes off the rails, and everything goes wrong, it's still fun to me. It's live TV, expect the worst to happen. Actually, there is one thing that comes to mind, but I can't talk about it. Seriously.
AOTB: Why don't you ever comb your hair, hippie?

LW: I cut my own hair, ok? I use no hair products whatsoever. Somehow, I still manage to have the best lid around. Back off.
AOTB: Did you go to school to work in television?
LW: I went to Syracuse University to study English Lit. This highbrow education in literary theory and classic novels has given me the tools I need to make only the best fart and poop jokes.
AOTB: Which have you eaten more in your life, burritos or hot dogs?
LW: That's a close call. Burritos have gained on hot dogs in my 8 years in LA. I think because I typically ate hot dogs two at a time, they are still in front. That being said, hot dogs are gross and I haven't had one in a long time. By the time I die, burritos will have surpassed them. You know what? I am changing my answer. Burritos. I think the answer is burritos.
AOTB: Who's your favorite pro wrestler?
LW: My knee jerk reaction is to say Mr. Perfect, but looking back at my childhood, I'd have to say that Macho Man Randy Savage was really my favorite. Also, Mr. Perfect wouldn't let me take a picture with him in a bar once, and even though he has since died, I still hold that against him.
AOTB: Do you have a favorite web site?
LW: No. I love all the internets equally.
AOTB: What's Canada really like?
LW: It's awesome. If Americans had any idea how cool Canadians were, they'd bomb us back to the Stone Age in a jealous rage.

If you have any questions for Luke, stick them in the comments section and if he ever comes down off his high horse, he'll try to find time to answer them.

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