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AOTS Monday, January 26

Posted January 26, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
For those of us who need a little discipline in our lives, the internet has obliged with yet another ridiculous fetish. This time, it's all about having a dominatrix wash your mouth out with soap while calling you dirty. Could there be anything hotter?!?
Anna David mixes it up with some street sex advice from Sin City, Las Vegas. She'll help you out with the gay porn conundrum, the sex toy issue, and the porn observer's paradox.
Attack Of The Show knows what you like, what makes you laugh, and has an exhaustive list of your private information that includes your PIN numbers.
Olivia Munn has declared it National Pie Week, and will jump into a giant pie if she gets 10,000 signatures on a petition of support.
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
You may remember Chris Evans as Johnny Storm in 'Fantastic Four.' Well, now he's starring in a new superthriller from Paul McGuigan entitled 'Push,' and we've got him in the studio answering Kevin's queries.
After watching a viral video in Around the Net where Angela Lansbury stroked her thighs and bathes, Kevin has to bid a permanent adieu to his favorite little bishop.
The big game draws ever closer and you better have the right gear. Take, for instance, the Coleman Touchdown package which includes a classic grill, quad chairs, a 54-qt. cooler, a portable deep fryer, and an electric blender.
Triple Rocket Sword, Depressing Weather Lady, Wonko's, Angela Lansbury Relaxing, Giants Fan.
Resident Evil...
Alienware is all about getting you the sharpest PCs for gaming and the Area 51 X-58 is liable to fit into that class of desktops with its 12 GB of RAM, 4 terabytes of storage, and a decent MSRP of $1,650.
Layla reports the latest news regarding internet population growth, Sprint layoffs, the fast approaching deadline to join the Windows 7 beta, 'MAD Magazine' going from monthly to quarterly and Mickey Rourke being a part of Wrestlemania.

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