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AOTS Wednesday, December 17

Posted December 17, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
The web's most classic form of video humor is the shot to the nuts. It's often best when combined with some sort of sport or activity involving the outdoors, and that is why we'd like to present these moments in de-evolution that do just that.
Olivia's globetrotting the third rock from the sun to give you what you need, tech wise. She's got info on a floating European DVD player, the Korean Mintpad pocket computer, and a fanciful Prada phone from LG.
Just when you thought that the web couldn't get any weirder, a new fetish pops up. Today's WTF is taking a glance at the new cat spanking fetish that's making the rounds on YouTube. Apparently cats love it and so do their owners. WTF?
Resident Evil...
Taking after the Touch Diamond, the HTC Fuze has Wi-Fi, a 3.2 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Office support, a "Touch Flow" interface and a full QWERTY keyboard. Here now continues our week of gadget reviews for stuff under $300.
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
Gabriel Macht is getting a big chance to shine as the lead character in Frank Miller's Will Eisner's 'The Spirit,' and we've got him live in the studio for a quick chat on the process and final outcome of the film which is due out Christmas Day.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
Alison pays a little visit to the ladies of Suicide Girls to talk about their lengthy, new pin-up book, 'Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined,' and to check out some original SG artwork.
Lakesplosion, Devil's Peanuts, Rooney Groomed, Broker Shuffle, Vintage Parkour.
Layla is here for the humpday news and she's telling us all about Steve Jobs' health situation, Saturn's maybe-life-friendly moon, and Tron's 2011 release in 3-D from Disney.

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