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AOTS - December 3rd 2008

Posted December 3, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo
In a special all-'Punisher' edition of Fresh Ink, Blaire Butler takes us through her love of Garth Ennis' masterwork via the new 'Omnibus' collection from Marvel Knight, as well as a smaller 'Punisher' collection in the new 'First to Last' novel.
Kevin and Chris take each other on in an all-out Aussie Rules Baby Swinging battle that ends in terror.
In case you've got thousands of dollars sitting around and an itch to buy expensive movie memorabilia, Chris Hardwick will help you with a few items you should seek out, such as Luke Skywalker's original lightsaber, or a working Gizmo from 'Gremlins 2.'
In this hump-day edition of Around the Net, we find it enlightening to bring you men behaving stupidly. We know how much you treasure your daily schadenfreude.
It's time for your hump-day edition of the Feed, and do not fret for Layla is here to dish it upon you. She'll cover the new MySpace mobile video model, the free Amazon iPhone app that makes non-stop shopping possible, and much much more.
Today's WTF is a rudimentary look at one of the web's weirder fascinations. Tricophilia, or an intense love for the brushing, shampooing, and pulling of human hair, is all over the nets, and really make us perk up and say, "What the BOOP?"
This week's entrant for Break Moments in De-Evolution is centered around dumb jocks doing dumb things. We'll see a failed dunk, a football to the head, and what happens when an emo kid tries to be a jock. Here's a clue: FAILURE.
We're joined live via satellite by the Netflix Vice President of Corporate Communication, Steve Swasey, who talks with Kevin about Netflix's new on-demand business model and how they're pulling off all this fancy streaming.
This week's look at great gifts for under $100 takes us to today's EasyShare point and click digital camera from Kodak, which has a whopping 9.2 megapixels, a steal at just $99.

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