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AOTS Tuesday, August 19

Posted August 19, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
Today, Chris Gore will review a bevy of B-movies including 'Delicatessen,' 'Postal' and 'Wizard of Gore.'
Japan has got to be one of the weirdest places on the planet and we love that, but when it comes to things like bug battles, yeti hunting, pre-fab Styrofoam houses and video mausoleums, even we have to wonder, what's up with Japan?
Rainn Wilson has punched the clock at the office to go on tour in the rowdy, new Rock n' Roll comedy, 'The Rocker' and Zach Selwyn has joined him back stage to find out all about his latest effort.
Scooter Backflip Fail, Parkour Loser, Car Jump Face Plant.
Layla brings you the latest entertainment, pop culture and tech stories, including news about the 'Watchmen' movie's legal troubles, Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi's adaptation of 'Sleeper,' the expansion of Yahoo! Buzz and more.
Bottle Nut Shot, Macaroni Bath, Crying Kid, Rush Sax, Steven Seagal.
Fox is alleging that Warner never had the rights to shoot the movie in the first place and is suing to prevent the comic epic from hitting theaters. Will the Watchmen ever grace the big screen?

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