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Gadget Pr0n: Logitech Harmony One Remote

Posted May 12, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Gadget Pr0n: Logitech HarmonyOne Remote »

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Logitech Harmony One Remote

What You Need to Know

  • Programming is all done through software, and they've designed it pretty well
  • You tell it device, brand, and model number which you may not know off hand
  • There are over 5,000 brands, and the remote can learn controls through infrared if they don't have your brand
  • You then hook up your remote through USB and update it with all your changes similar to what you would do with an iPod and iTunes
  • Once you have those programmed, you can make activities involving all your devices
  • It's basically just a macro, so with one button you can get the remote to turn on your DVD player and TV, change your TV to the DVDs input, and then start playing
  • Once you start one of these, you have to keep the remote pointed at all your devices for awhile and sometimes they won't always pick up each command it's sending
  • You can adjust timing between actions, but the more devices you have means more room for error
  • It's a smooth piece of equipment
  • The buttons are big enough, and the backlight comes on when you pick it up
  • The touch screen is incredibly responsive, better than most touch screens we've used
  • It's really light and fits nicely in your hand
  • The harmony one requires a PC, but the features are limitless
  • If you want a lot of customization options, buy the Harmony One


  • $250

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