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Gadget Pr0n

Posted April 11, 2008 - By Eugene Morton

Gadget Pr0n: Olympus E-3 DSLR »

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Olympus E-3 DSLR

  • Rubber grip makes it comfortable
  • Only weighs about 2 lbs. So you won't get tired of holding it for a marathon session
  • LCD swivels for more flexible shooting
  • The body is dust, weather, and splash proof
  • Some of the menus are tough to get around in
  • There are so many options that it can be intimidating
  • The super control panel is helpful though since it has the most popular settings all on one screen
  • All the direct access controls also appear in the viewfinder
  • It's rated at about 5 frames a second which is about a mid-range speed for cameras of this price
  • It's so fast that it really doesn't make a difference unless you're comparing it directly against another camera
  • 10 megapixel sensor
  • Colors looked great, even at automatic settings
  • Autofocus is incredibly fast
  • It only goes to ISO 3200, but that appears to help the amount of noise in its pictures. There is very little even at that high ISO setting
  • It's made for the person who is upgrading from their entry-level DSLR to a professional system; this is basically entry-level pro.
  • You'd have to pay almost $4000 to get a comparable camera with all of these features.
  • Olympus put up an excellent camera for a great price in the market
  • $1700 for just the body

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  • muthalicka

    Would it be possible to have someone who knows about tech/gadgets actually REVIEW those items?? Chris is funny, but he's not the best choice for gadget review.

    Posted: April 11, 2008 4:56 PM