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Posted March 20, 2008 - By Eugene Morton

Gadget Pr0n is a safe place for the technofile inside of all of us to grow and learn about new technology, technology that understands you, unlike your girlfriend and over-bearing mother. 

Our resident tech experts will tee off about all the gadgets that separate us from cavemen, but magically bring us all closer together... over the phone or the internet, not in person or anything.

Tonight they’ll talk about the Sony OLED Digital TV.

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Sony OLED Digital TV

  • A layer of organic material is sandwiched between two conductors all inside a glass seal
  • When electric current is applied to the conductors, light is produced from the organic compound
  • That's what allows such bright colors and deep darks in the screen. Each part of the organic material is lit up individually without the need for a backlight, or it can be completely turned off
  • For best results, watch something high def like I Am Legend, available on blu-ray now from Warner Home Video
  • Incredible contrast ratio of a million to one: they're the deepest blacks you've ever seen
  • It only has a resolution of 960x 540, exactly half of 1080p full HD resolution, but this only makes the picture sharper
  • Screen itself is only 3 millimeters thick, but you need the attached base for the inputs
  • It has a very future tech feel to it
  • Cross media bar navigation like a Playstation 3
  • Color correction and presets for each input
  • Stereo surround sound
  • View photos, listen to music with the memory stick slot
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • It's exciting to see what next-gen TV is going to look like
  • Colors are more vivid than even the best HDTV
  • As inputs get smaller, screen thickness will too
  • It's supposed to consume less power, but larger OLED's have been reported as taking more power than an LCD, so that is still in development
  • $2500

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