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Fresh Ink With Blair Butler

Posted September 27, 2007 - By Eugene Morton

For most of us, comic book shops aren’t merely a place for buying illustrated books about costumed crusaders, they’re a haven, a safe place where we can talk about the titans which occupy worlds that only exist on the printed page and in our collective imagination.

They are a place to seriously discuss the pitfalls and triumphs of the dedicated super heroes we love and malevolent villains we loathe.

For the faithful, they have a sacred quality to them and nothing ruins that feeling of sanctity more than returning home from the local shop for some quality reading time only to discover that you’ve purchased, polybagged and boarded the print and paper equivalent of a Uwe Boll film.

Don’t let that happen. Hear what comic expert Blair Butler has to say about this week’s slew of releases and avoid breaking into another fit of nerd rage.

Also, a big “thanks” goes out to Golden Apple Comics who were kind enough to allow us to use their space to make the magic that is Fresh Ink. For all of your comic book needs and more, check out Golden Apple. Your inner fanboy will thank you. 

Today, Blair will review:

  • Marvel Zombies: Army of Darkness
  • Justice Society of America: The Next Step
  • The Umbrella Academy 

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  • RowDogg

    I believe that Atack of The Show needs to focus on more games that are coming out such as, Smackdown vs. Raw 2008! I mean, they did'nt even announce that it's demo was being soled at Best Buy. Things are things that Gamers want and need to know. They talk about all of these other games even way before they are coming out. Please Atack of the Show give us the heads up and the vids for Smackdown 08.

    Posted: September 29, 2007 1:01 PM