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In Your Pants with Anna David

Posted June 27, 2007 - By Eugene Morton

Everyone's favorite pretty lady who talks about sexual issues is back! Anna David will be here live in the studio to answer your questions.

Here's what Anna David has to say about herself:

"Anna David has been on staff at Premiere and Parenting, was a fulltime freelancer at People, wrote a sex and relationship column for Razor, and has also been published in Details, Playboy, Cosmo, Maxim, Stuff, Redbook, Teen Vogue, The LA Times, Vanity Fair, Variety, People, Us Weekly, TV Guide,The New York Post, Tatler, Esquire UK, Movieline, LA Confidential, Vegas, and Ocean Drive, among many others.

She's a pop culture expert for The Today Show, appears regularly on Fox Reality Channel's Reality Remix, and has also been featured on ESPN's Cold Pizza, Fox's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, NBC's The Other Half, The Style Network's Modern Girl's Guide to Life, and a collection of shows on VH1 and E! Her first novel, Party Girl, is out now." Click here to order Party Girl from Amazon. Also, read more to see Anna's answers from today's show and enter the Party Girl Video Contest!


I’ve never taken anything like Viagra or Cialis or anything, but sometimes I wish I could maintain my erection for longer. I’m embarrassed to ask my girlfriend if I should try something, but I was wondering what girls think of guys who take these pills?

I think it really depends on how old the guy is. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, half of all men experience erectile dysfunction at some time -- it's obviously more frequent with older guys than younger ones -- and once a guy reaches his late thirties, it's far more common. Still, a study that was released last year showed that one out of every 18 college aged guys had used Viagra, Levitra or Cialis before. Since younger men are sampling these drugs, most girls probably won't be completely horrified by the news.

That being said, how much do you really think you need it? Is it just that you think lasting longer will prove your masculinity all the more? Are you having sex mostly after drinking and thus fighting an uphill battle? These are important questions to ask yourself since the drugs do have potential side effects (such as headaches and blackouts) and nobody knows if men can become dependent on them and thus not able to have an erection on their own.


How can I ask my girlfriend to watch porn with me? Would you recommend I start with the mild stuff?

First and foremost, you should ask your girlfriend if she wants to watch porn -- some girls are more open to it than you might think. If she's not interested, however, I wouldn't hassle her about it; she's more likely to come around and enjoy it if she doesn't feel pressured by you.

Assuming she's game, the best porn to start with is probably the most famous: you can always try claiming something about how it's important to be educated about the most classic films of all time and how movies like DEEP THROAT and DEBBIE DOES DALLAS are indeed classics (to perpetuate this, you can even rent INSIDE DEEP THROAT, a well-reviewed documentary which covers the making of DEEP THROAT).

If she likes what she sees -- and keep in mind, women tend to be far less visually stimulated than men, so watching any of these movies may simply leave her cold -- then you can slowly move on to some of your more, um, esoteric favorites.


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Party Girl Video Contest

Check out Party Girl's viral videos and then get ready to win!

All you have to do is watch the Party Girl viral videos and blog about them -- on your own personal blog, on MySpace, on whatever venue you have that connects you to the virtual world. This means embedding the codes pasted below onto your blog and saying whatever you'd like about the videos (that they're hilarious/brilliant/silly/sexy or anything else you can think of -- posts can be long or short, but enthusiasm will be key). Once your blog is posted, email the link to anna@annadavid.com.

We will judge the blogs based on originality, hilarity or simply their ability to generate excitement about the videos and pick ONE winner who will receive:

--A "Party Girl -- Reformed" t-shirt AND
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Contest ends on July 15, 2007

Questions? Email anna@annadavid.com

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