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Fresh Ink 12/8/05

Posted December 8, 2005 - By Stephen Johnson

The Ultimates 2
Marvel Comics
If HBO did a series about the dark side of Avengers, this would be it. Stop reading, and buy it NOW.

Blair Says: Buy

Jonah Hex
DC Comics
The 70’s live when DC’s western anti-hero rides again. Horribly disfigured bounty hunter John Hex is back – but save yourself some time and buy the excellent first issue instead of this one. The second chapter of this re-launch is a big ole’ letdown, with generic action and a ho-hum story that can’t begin to match the bite of the brutal first issue. How gnarly was the issue #1? Um, it features children fighting rabid pitbulls for sport. And it’s damn entertaining to boot.

Blair Says: Browse (but buy the first issue)

Marvel Zombies
Marvel Comics
I love Robert Kirkman. I love his work on The Walking Dead. But not all zombie stories are created equal. Marvel Zombies is fun if you’ve wondered what Captain America would look like with his brains falling out. For everyone else, this is gonna be a head-scratcher. If you like your heroes decomposing, pick it up. Otherwise, browse, and marvel at the weirdest concept comic of the Winter.

Blair Says: Browse

Ice Haven
A great introduction to the work of cult artist Daniel Clowes (“Ghostworld”). Sure, if you’ve read any of his stuff before, you’ll be pissed to discover that this is basically Eightball #22 repacked as a hardcover, but this look at the burg of Ice Haven plays out like a misanthropic Our Town. Self-referential and beautifully illustrated, this is a gorgeous (and depressing) way to get acquainted with the work of one of America’s top indie creators.

Blair Says: Buy

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  • mr_baker

    u should check out R.A Salvatores homland comics it is good it is based on his novel it is a must buy

    Posted: December 9, 2005 10:13 AM
  • G4silentbutdeadly

    Blair, you continue to rock. What did you think of the X3 teaser?

    Posted: December 9, 2005 6:19 AM