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AOTS Friday, January 30

Posted January 30, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
It's finally here. Friday has come and we've garnered enough signatures on our petition for Olivia to go all the way with what she promised. Olivia dons her skimpy French maid costume and jumps into a chocolate cream pie, taking something extra with her.
In a special lead up to the Big Game on Sunday, we have taken it upon ourselves to do a little research on the hottest of the hottest NFL cheerleaders. We count them down for you now so that you can be informed on which team is the smokinest.
BTS Giatn Pie
We take a behind the scenes look at the making of the gigantic pie that Olivia jumped into live on the air. For pt. 1, we have an interview with Luke Wahl, the AOTS segment producer behind the stunt.
With an Intel Core i7 2.6 Gigahertz processor, 3 GB of Corsair RAM, and an NVIDIA GTX 260 Video card, the Digital Storm has smoked us with great performance and relative affordability.
Olivia has some pretty sweet stuff for you to grab up if you're interested in watching classic sketch comedy on the go while knowing exactly where you are and thinking about your Bravia/PS3 bundle which is at home waiting for you.
After a classic SCTV comedy sketch gets them in the mood, Kevin is inclined to munch down on dog food served to him by a giant drag queen. Yeah, it gets weird sometimes.
Kevin chats with filmmaker Ondi Timoner and his documentary subject, Josh Harris, in today's Loop which focuses on their new film 'We Live in Public,' a look at Josh's life as the self-proclaimed Warhol of the Web.
Big Wheel Backflip, Will Arnett's Super Bowl Party, Zombie Road Signs, Poochare All Meat Dog Food, Sal Lupo Project, SCTV.

AOTS Wednesday, January 21

Posted January 21, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
The battlefield is a tough place, which is why defense contractors are developing tomorrow's weapons before anyone else can. Check the Eye Drive unmanned ground vehicle and a new Boeing/Lockheed Martin collaborated jet fighter.
Blair Butler ran into Kevin Grevious at Golden Apple comics in Hollywood and just happen to have lights, camera, and action. They talked about the upcoming blood feud monster prequel 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans,' which he wrote.
From his love of Crackberry to the first Nintendo Wii in the White House, there's evidence to support that Obama will be more tech friendly that past prezies. Evan Ratliff from Wired to gives us his professional opinion on the whole matter.
Alison Haislip is here to give you some stats on the Obama Inauguration, a huge credit card hackjob, the run of nominations for the Razzies, among other news that you care about.
Olivia hits the streets of Washington, D.C. to talk directly to the massive crowds of people about their feelings surrounding the madness and all-day party that was President Barack Obama's Inauguration.
In an effort to save a little money on expensive advertising in a faltering economy, we have developed a series of 1 second ads instead the traditional 30 second one.
We mostly feature dudes breaking their testicles and punching each other in drunken hazes, but today's Break Moments deals with the gentler persuasion. Watch as these girls fall off stages, fall off desks, and light firecrackers in their butts.
Surprise Eye Brow Waxing, Chicken vs. Tiger, Monkey Talk Show, Dad Can't Fix Toy.

Mad Catz's CES Product Extravaganza

Posted January 7, 2009 - By kijibe

Mad Catz has announced some new toys at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

First, you now have even more choices when it comes to plugging up your ears when you need free hands and you gotta talk to mom on your drive home.

Mad Catz has released its AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones and AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones for iPhone.

It uses a patent pendidng InAir Technology which allows you to listen to the tunes but still be aware when someone is creeping up behind you. There are no frames in their earphones. Instead there's a wire loop that fits around the ears that's adjustable. Great for when you have your Blublockers or bike helmet on.

The AirDrives FIT earphones also has an integrated microphone that let's your pause your music to take those important calls, too.

They're priced at $59.99 -- yeah, a bit steep just for a pair of darn earphones, but let's see if the sonic quality makes it worth the price.

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AOTS Tuesday, December 16

Posted December 16, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
Film expert, Chris Gore is back to let us know how he feels about 'Death Race,' 'Lost' Season 4, 'Burn After Reading' and 'Dr. Horrible.' He'll set you up with a classic buy, rent, or pass rating so you can feel informed.
Kevin and Olivia are joined live by users from across the country in a concerted effort to crash the Home Beta servers while possibly ruining everyone else's new Home experience.
Blair Butler takes some time off from Fresh Ink duties and goes to New York to visit the cast and crew of the new comic book adapted film, 'The Spirit.'
We're joined live by Drew McWeeny AKA "Moriarty" who has an exciting announcement to make on the show. He's breaking away from Ain't it Cool News and has launched his own entertainment site called Hit Fix.
The new Olympus 1050 SW is a point and shoot with a few interesting features, one of them being something called "tap control" that allows you to take a picture by tapping any side of the camera. It's also waterproof, freeze-proof, and drop-proof.
Alison is dropping some knowledge about an Internet Explorer security flaw that could be huge if exposed, a rumor regarding upgrading the Mac Mini, and the triumphant and mysterious return of Scrabulous to Facebook!
Dating Advice, Onion Stepdads, Pencil, Cookie Jar, Celery Drop, Denis Leary Movies.
David Fettig reveals his other talents beyond what we've seen in his balisong (butterfly knifing) video. The butterfly knife skills he's developed have nothing on the other techniques his honed.

Fresh Ink Online With Guest Host Todd McFarlane »

Legendary comic book icon and toy impresario Todd McFarlane stopped by to guest host Fresh Ink Online this week, treating us to a history lesson in the comics that inspired him and giving fans a sneak peak at the upcoming issue of his influential comic Spawn (issue #187). You'll even see vintage issues of X-Men, The Tomb of Dracula and Akira from Todd's own personal collection!

Make sure to check Todd out on Attack of the Show tonight at 7 p.m. and get an exclusive tour of his amazing McFarlane Toys factory. They even make an action figure of AOTS correspondent Alison Haislip!

Watch this and other episodes of Fresh Ink Online, with regular host Blair Butler every Friday at www.g4tv.com/freshink. Join us on Facebook and MySpace too!


Sessler To Pereira: "It's On!"

Posted December 11, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

'Fable II' Showdown: Adam Responds »

Adam Sessler isn't one to take criticism lying down, so he responded to Kevin Pereira's criticism of Fable II being picked for Game of the Year in Tuesday's X-Play's Best of 2008. Sessler has accepted Pereira's challenge, and is poised to head to Attack of the Show to provide a response. Exactly what that response will be, we have no idea, but, according to Mr. Sessler, "It's on like f***ing Donkey Kong."

And that, friends, is on.

Tags: G4, TV, Videogames

Kevin Pereira Calls Out X-Play

Posted December 10, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Kevin Pereira Calls Out Adam Sessler »

Oh, it's on now. On today's Attack of the Show, host Kevin Pereira called out X-Play for their choice of Fable II as their Game of the Year in yesterdays X-Play Best of 2008 special. Kevin thought that Fallout 3, LittleBigPlanet, or Left 4 Dead would have been the better choice, and should be chosen for the award.

He's challenged Adam Sessler, specifically. We have no idea what that means, or what it might lead to, but we're a little scared of the intensity that Pereira brought to the whole thing. Check it out.

Tags: G4, TV, Videogames

The Dark Knight On Blu-Ray: Fan Commentary with Joe Lynch »

Our Joe Lynch is a very lucky individual. Last week, he was invited by Warner Bros. to check out the Blu-Ray edition of The Dark Knight, which is in stores today. Not only did he get a preview of the Batman-y goodness, but he also got to try out a new bonus feature on the disc, which will allow fans to provide their own commentary for you to watch, to make your film experience different every time.

Using only a webcam hooked up to your Blu-Ray player, you can stream video of yourself talking about The Dark Knight, which you can then upload using BD Live, so that others can watch. And, yes, the PlayStation 3 will support this feature, as well, so grab a webcam and start talking, bub.

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AOTS - December 5th, 2008

Posted December 5, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo
As the giant asteroid that will end mankind tumbles toward Earth and you see it streak across the sky to deliver it's deadly impact, you'll think back on our weekly lady countdown and smile.
It's good to go hands-free, especially if it's illegal not to while driving in your area, and that is why Chris Hardwick and Kevin are going to let us know what they think of the new bluetooth headset and speaker systems from Jabra.
Ms. Munn is here to show us what fancy new gadgetry she's interested in including a pocket digital projector, the Samsung Propel, and the new Hewlett Packard TouchSmart Notebook PC.
Layla Kayleigh would now like to tell you all the news you need to know; stuff like the ferocious Facebook virus, Google's Friend Connect, Obama's MP3 player of choice, and oh so much more.
We talk with Owen Thomas, managing editor of Valleywag, about a recent rash of tech and entertainment industry layoffs, if there's more on the way, and if incoming President Elect Barack Obama and his cabinet will be able to fix any of it.
Olivia has done a little research and dug up some highly useful smartphone blogs out in the cold reaches of the interwebs. She brings them to you now.
It's Friday, and how better to slide into your weekend than by going Around the Net with a barbed wire stunt gone wrong, a very strange music video, Mario Kart in real life, a sci-fi mashup, and monkeys!!!

Fresh Ink Online: Batman R.I.P., Crossed and X Men Noir »

It’s an avalanche of comic reviews, people! Yes, due to the Thanksgiving holiday royally tweaking the comic book release schedule over the last few weeks, host Blair Butler had a large, looming stack of goodies to cover and she does it all right here!! Right now!

So this week Blair hit Umbrella Academy #1, The Hulk #8, Battlefield: The Nightwitches #2, Batman #681 and #682, Secret Invasion #8 and The Sword #13. Plus, we delve into the shocking and gory sophomore edition of Crossed, and the standalone X Men Noir. See, told ya there was a lot of comics this week!

Which one made Pick of the Week? Did Blair skip any important comics? Do you agree with her comments? Well, jump in the Fresh Ink Online Forums and voice your opinion, dammit!

Enjoy…and make sure to look us up Facebook and MySpace. We like friends.



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