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Piranha 3DD's Danielle Panabaker Pictures

Like you, we can't wait to watch Danielle Panabaker fight killer fish while sporting a bikini in Piranha 3DD and, like you, it pains us that we won't be able to see Piranha 3DD for another two days. Luckily, we have just the thing to make the wait more bearable, a full gallery of Danielle Panabaker pics! If you've got Piranha 3DD-related anxiety, you simply must see them now!

If burying yourself in the sand to catch a seagull in your bare hands was an Olympic sport, this guy would win the bronze, silver AND gold medals. AMERICA!

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In a competitive sport that involves jumping, gymnastics and high kicks, we were all waiting for this to happen.


Sin City 2 Gets Release Date, Details Revealed

The long-anticipated sequel to 2005's conceptual, groundbreaking comic book adaptation, Sin City is finally confirmed to go.

Not only has it been announced that director, Robert Rodriguez is returning to co-direct the big-screen continuation of the iconic graphic novel series with creator, Frank Miller, but now, the film has a release date: October 4, 2013.

The film, as had been speculated for quite some time, will be called Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, based on the second series/graphic novel which focused on characters, Dwight (played by Clive Owen) and his love, deadly prostitute, Gail (played by Rosario Dawson.)

Find out more info and check out the neo-noir-iffic teaser poster below.

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Former boxing champion Eric Kelly gives everyone at his Church Street gym a healthy dose of reality about their boxing skills (and sometimes, their outfits), which is why I want to hire this guy as my life coach. Seriously, can anyone else motivate me to do dress better, punch better and understand my own limits? Some may call it verbal abuse and bullying, but I call it "keeping it real."

Trolling A Weather Girl

Posted May 16, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

This weather girl clearly doesn't understand what to wear when appearing on the green screen. Either that, or, it could be that Telemundo's famous standards for hot newsbabes has taken a dramatic plunge.

Besides a sudden dramatic weight gain, Ericka's now sporting a pino.

Beautiful Korean pop star, Jessica Jung seemed to be on the verge of wowing this entire stadium with her auspicious pitching form...that was, until the ball left her hand.

Unfortunately, her cunning attempt to impress everyone with the "spike the ball on the ground and watch it bounce into the strike zone" strategy didn't quite work out.


A fight breaks out between the coaches of the Lingerie Football League's all-star game while the rest of the world wonders what exactly these coaches do.


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Since the water at these parks are mostly recycled pee and this girl was just kind of floating around, there's no shortage of irony in the way she was sucked into the twirling rapids like a giant courtesy flush.

Train Splits Tractor-Trailer

Posted May 10, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Warning: LOUD Screaming. Turn Down Volume.

This tractor-trailer in North Carolina carrying cotton spun out of control on a road sporting a "no truck crossing" sign, winding up on some train tracks at the worst possible time. 

Luckily, no one ended up injured in the accident, with the exception of MY F**KING EARDRUMS!

Ignoring the fact that they were already frantically running, the woman shooting the video (badly,) seemed to think that the people needed extra motivation to get clear. -- They didn't.

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