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Nik VisgerHometown: Santa Clara, CA
Position: Associate Producer
Favorite Season: Spring, (best time of the year sports-wise)
Least Favorite Nickname: “The Nik” (nobody calls me that, but if they did it would surely be my least favorite nickname)

What do you do on AOTS?
I watch a lot of internet videos. I produce Around the Net, Epic Fail, What Happens Next, and Great Moments in De-Ev. Did I mention that I am also one of the prestigious members of the live studio audience? It’s pretty glamorous stuff.

What is your favorite moment from the show?

When James Cameron beat the $&!# out of Drunkle Ted or when James Cameron made a cameo on Jeremy’s Dragon Corner to teach us about proper space dragon sex. Pretty much anytime James Cameron shows up is my favorite moment. I hold the 1,000th Episode close to my heart as well. I had just joined AOTS as a production assistant at the time and it was a perfect introduction to the madness that is Attack of the Show.

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Candace Bailey Bikini Pics

The world needs more vigilant, dedicated litigators like Kevin Pereira: Bikini Lawyer. Were it not for him bikini clad victims like Candace Bailey would never be able to prance about on the sand or in the surf and nobody wants that. After all, it would mean the end of Candace Bailey bikini pictures. You know, like the Candace Bailey bikini pics you can look at on the AOTS site right now! Watch the Kevin Pereira: Bikini Lawyer video below the cut!

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Thor's Jaimie Alexander Photos

It's not every day that a Norse goddess stops by AOTS. So, we were delighted to welcome Sif, otherwise known as Thor's Jaimie Alexander to the studio. Not only was Kevin Pereira regaled with Jaimie Alexander's stories of knife play and stunt work during her interview, but we were all entertained when she smashed frost giants with Thor's hammer Mjolnir in the green room. Likely, you'll be just as entertained with these Jaimie Alexander pics.

Story Time With Cthulhu & Candace Bailey Pics

We bet you didn't know that Candace Bailey and Cthulhu were homies. Yep, the host of AOTS and the demonic high priest have been cold chillin' since before the Great Old Ones were imprisoned beneath the sea. They're tight like the incorporeal chains of the banished elder gods. You can see their asomatous bond all up in these Cthulhu and Candace Bailey pictures, son!

Also, the friendship between Cthulhu and Candace Bailey is pretty evident in this video!

Select costumes courtesy of Museumreplicas.com

Hey, AOTB fans! We're back with another edition of A Snack of the Show, a bite-sized way to consume Attack of the Show for an entire week in about two minutes! This time, we're looking back at the week of April 11th, which was when we got to go behind-the-scenes with Candace Bailey at her Maxim photo shoot.

It's hilarious, and a concentrated dose of AOTS-related funny! Check it out!

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Booty Shaking Candace Bailey Pics

If Sir Mix-A-Lot is to be believed, the posterior is the most alluring attribute of the fairer sex. While that claim is debatable, there's certainly evidence to support his argument. We present to you Exhibit A, Candace Bailey booty shaking pics. If Candace Bailey's booty dance doesn't convince you, nothing will!

Also, if you like that Candace Bailey photo gallery, then you're going to love our Candace Bailey Dominatrix pictures.

Scream 4's Aimee Teegarden Pics

Posted April 18, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Scream 4's Aimee Teegarden Pics

Horror fans have been waiting a long time for the return of the Ghostface Killer to the silver screen, almost as long as we've been waiting to get Friday Night Lights and Scream 4 star Aimee Teegarden on AOTS. Both have finally happened and we feel supremely satisfied. What's more, there are some great Aimee Teegarden pictures on Attack of the Blog as a byproduct. Things are really going our way!

A Murder Spree For Scream 4's Alison Brie, Photos

Alison Brie is so adorable we can almost forgive her for viciously murdering half of the AOTS staff. Just look at our behind-the-scenes Alison Brie pics! Could you condemn that cute face to life in prison for going on an itsy, bitsy, little murder spree? Of course you couldn't.

Breakout Kings' Serinda Swan Pics

Is there anything more exciting than a show about hardened criminals chasing down escaped convicts? We're not sure, but Kevin Pereira's interview with Breakout Kings star Serinda Swan has got to come close. The same could be said of our picture gallery with all the Serinda Swan photos. Thrilling, right?

The Return Of Bustice (Sara Underwood) Pics

Perpetrators of evil once again have reason to quake in their boots, for the buxom sovereign of superheroes, Bustice has returned! Let these Bustice (Sara Underwood) pics serve as a message to all those who would do ill, you can't escape the pronounced bosom of the law!

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