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Kal Penn Plays The Kal Or Kumar Game »

When Kal Penn from A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas came by Attack of the Show, we made him sit down and play a little game with us. This is "Kal or Kumar," where Kal must decide which one (himself or his stoned counterpart) would participate in the given activity. Guess who he picks for each question?

And if you want to read more about Kal talking about his clay genitals or parenting skills, check out my interview with him and John Cho here.

Weird Al, Kevin Pereira & Sara Underwood Swede UHF, Photos

Kevin Pereira's plan to recreate Weird Al's UHF is working! First, he got Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood to oatmeal wrestle and today, he got The Weird One himself to reenact one of UHF's most pivotal scenes with Sara Underwood. It was a super cool AOTS moment and we have some super cool UHF Weird Al and Sara Underwood pics to go along with it. You gotta see these photos! They'll totally remind you how great life is sometimes.

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Finally, The Recipe for 'Double Dare' Slime Revealed!

Remember Double Dare on Nickelodeon? Of course you do, and the reason you remember it is that it was often punctuated with sorry saps getting a rainstorm of goopy looking green slime or having to trudge through a river of the stuff. It was gross, but you always wondered exactly what they put in that stuff, didn't you?

Well, wonder no more, because Dare host Marc Summers, who has reinvented himself as a very, very rich man hosting Unwrapped on Food Network, and as the producer of Dinner Impossible and all kinds of other food-related shows, revealed the recipe in an interview with Gourmet Live.

So, what was in it? Vanilla pudding, applesauce, oatmeal, and green food coloring. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Well, Summers pointed out that it was edible for about the first hour, and then was mixed with whatever else was on the course, and then you start to think about just how disgusting the stuff must have been.

But, we thought you'd want to know, so there it is. Enjoy!

Jonah Hill Of Allen Gregory Pics

Posted October 24, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Jonah Hill Of Allen Gregory Pics

It's not every day that one of Hollywood's funniest men swings by AOTS, so we were delighted to welcome Jonah Hill on today's show. We can't wait for his new, animated program, Allen Gregory and we hope that you can't wait to see our behind-the-scenes Jonah Hill photos. They're pretty freakin' sweet!

Jonah Hill Talks New Animated Series Allen Gregory »

Candace's Sexy Tips & Anonymous Director Roland Emmerich on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Jessica Chobot co-hosts a very special episode with Kevin Pereira, including an interview with director Roland Emmerich about his new movie, Anonymous. A political thriller involving Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth? Candace Bailey also shares her sexy time tips and we review the latest Amazon Kindle on Gadget Pr0n. See you at 7PM!

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Thomas Dolby Interview & Candace's Blind Date With Elder Pereira on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira and Sara Underwood talk to famed musician Thomas Dolby about his new album and its interactive MMO game online, Map of the Floating City. Find out what he has to say about his work in Silicon Valley, Nokia and more!

Plus, Candace Bailey swaps families with Kevin Pereira, which means a blind date with his dad! This can only go well, right? Morgan Webb from X-Play shares her thoughts on Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and more! See you at 7PM.

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Bustice & Power Girl Return, New York Comic-Con with Blair Butler on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Epictober continues with Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey where they welcome Allison Miller from Terra Nova to the studio to talk about her hit TV series while Bustice returns with Power Girl for even more adventures on saving the world. Blair Butler interviews the cast of The Avengers at New York Comic Con and we review the iPhone 4S on Gadget Pr0n. See you at 7PM!

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Candace & Sara Wrestle in Oatmeal, The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies in Studio  on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, we've got an Epictober fight between Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood as they wrestle in oatmeal! Yeah, really. The first girl to find the marble wins so roll up those sleeves and get those Quaker oats ready. Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead will also tell us about life on the run from zombies while Gadget Pr0n features the Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch and Alison Haislip interviews the cast of The Thing. See you tonight at 7PM!

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Pics of Gillian Jacobs from Community

Gillian Jacobs, the blonde spitfire on Community is one of our favorite guests ever and whenever she makes an appearance on AOTS we take a few moments to do two things; bask in her greatness and snap some Gillian Jacobs pictures. Maybe you didn't need to know about the first thing, but we had to tell you about the second, because if we didn't, you'd miss out on the most recent batch of captivating Gillian Jacobs photos and that's just no good.

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The UFC's Chuck Liddell Behind-the-Scenes Interview »

Legendary UFC champion and current UFC Executive Vice President of Business Development, Chuck Liddell discusses his early days as a UFC fighter, talks about the growing pains MMA has endured as a sport, recounts the UFC's evolution, and makes big reveals about the UFC's future with Fox and more! UFC fans and MMA enthusiasts, you have to see this!

Also, follow Chuck Liddell on Twitter @ChuckLiddell and on Facebook.

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