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Project X's Alexis Knapp Pictures

Posted February 29, 2012 - By Eugene Morton

Project X's Alexis Knapp Pictures

We take great delight in making nerds happy, and word on the web is that Alexis Knapp pictures make nerds very happy. So, we got 'em, a whole gallery of Project X's Alexis Knapp photos just for you! Enjoy!

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Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory Answers Fan Questions »

Everyone who loves The Big Bang Theory, and that's most nerds, also can't help but be fascinated by the show's comedic starlet, Kaley Cuoco. So, just after her appearance on AOTS, we asked Kaley Cuoco fan questions that you sent us over Facebook! What secrets did Kaley Cuoco reveal about herself? You'll have to watch our exclusive, behind-the-scenes Kaley Cuoco interview to find out.

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Image Expo 2011

Robert Kirkman, co-founder of Image Comics and co-creator of The Walking Dead, stopped by Attack of the Show this week and we caught up with him backstage to learn more about this weekend's Image Expo. The convention, which runs from Friday, February 24th to Sunday, February 26th in Oakland, CA, features the best of the best from Image Comics, including celebrity guests like Steve Yeun, Norman Reedus and Chris Hardwick.

Learn more about it straight from Kirkman himself!

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Talks Image Expo 2012 »

Watch Robert Kirkman's full interview on Attack of the Show after the jump.

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The RZA Goes In Depth On Californication, RZA's World & More »

RZA of The Wu-Tang Clan has got to be the single busiest man in hip hop. The MC from Shaolin has a starring role in Californication, a new app called RZA's World, designer Chambers headphones from WESC and a forthcoming movie, The Man with the Iron Fists, that he directed! Rap fan or not, you have to admit, that's impressive.

We were blown away by RZA's revelations about all of his lofty projects and you will be too! Don't sleep on this exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview with RZA and find out why, even in the worlds of tech and movies, The Wu-Tang Clan, and RZA in particular ain't nothin' to mess with!

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Garfunkel And Oates Perform Songs From Slippery When Moist, Photos

If you're into musical comedy, perhaps the only thing better than new Garfunkel and Oates pictures, is new Garfunkel and Oates music, like the tracks you'll find on "Slippery When Moist." We love both equally, but you're free to like one more than the other as long as you check out both right now.

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Rapper Murs Guests On Fresh Ink Online

Posted February 20, 2012 - By Frank Meyer

Fresh Ink Online: Murs Reviews Batman, Catwoman, Wolverine »

Acclaimed comic book lovin’ rapper Murs joins host Blair Butler on Fresh Ink Online this week for reviews of Batman, Catwoman, Wolverine, X-Factor, Powers, Glory, Conan, Daredevil, and Blue Beetle.

Make sure to support Murs’ upcoming comic, Yumiko: Curse of MerchGirl, on Kickstarter. It’s a collaboration with publisher Josh Blaylock and artist Jose Garcia, and will feature an accompanying 10-song album that follows the story. Go to Merch-Girl.com for more information or tweet him @MURS.

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And for more comic goodness, don’t forget to visit our friends at Comic Alliance or get your free digi-version of Powers from Graphicly.com via the link below.


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Abigail Spencer Of This Means War, Photos

Some of you who are reading this post right now are going out to see This Means War this weekend soley so you can gaze adoringly at Abigail Spencer and who can blame you? Just know that when the movie is over and you want even more Abigail Spencer in your life, you can check out our behind-the-scenes Abigail Spencer pictures. Afterward, you should probably deal with your unhealthy fixation with the talented actress.


In case you didn't know, today is Valentine's Day so we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the wonderful holiday with Attack of the Show guest, Steven Van Zandt from Lilyhammer. The folks over at Netflix put together this video card by the Van Zandt himself.

RELATED: Steven Van Zandt tells us all about his new series, Lilyhammer.


Fresh Ink Online: Scalped, Chase, Secret Six Reviews »

Host Blair Butler and frequent guest Brian Compton return for graphic novel reviews. This week you get the ins and outs of Scalped, Monster Truck, Chase, and Secret Six.

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And for more comic goodness, don’t forget to visit our friends at Comic Alliance or get your free digi-version of Monster Truck from Graphicly.com via the link below.

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Adrianne Curry Tells You How to be Famous on Twitter »

If anyone knows how to increase their fame on Twitter, it's The Tester's Adrianne Curry. She's got more followers than your average gamer has thumb blisters. which is a lot. What's more, Adrianne Curry's not afraid to share her expert strategies for garnering a few more, or maybe even a few thousand more Twitter followers. Most of those strategies seem to involve posting racy pictures of yourself on the web, but hey, you can't argue with the results. So, if you want to go from a nobody on Twitter to a superstar, then it wouldn't hurt you to learn from a pro.

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