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Xbox 360

Tech Review: New Xbox 360

Posted June 22, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

The New Xbox 360 Review »

It's sleek, it's black, it's got Wi-Fi and a 250 GB hard drive. Jessica Chobot and Kevin Pereira review the new Xbox 360 Slim that debuted at E3 2010 for $300.

Find the full review from Gadget Pron on Attack of the Show after the cut.

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Jessica Chobot is back co-hosting today with Kevin Pereira for an all new episode of Attack of the Show! Tonight at 7pm, they'll be reviewing all the big news from last week's E3 2010 with Adam Sessler and also reviewing the new Xbox 360 that debuted at Microsoft's E3 press conference. Find out how sleek, how stylish, how slim and how different this new Xbox 360 works on Gadget Pr0n. Tune in to find out how many Seals of Approval we give this new console!

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Microsoft Kin Two on Gadget Pr0n Tonight at 7P ET

You requested it, so here it is. Kevin Pereira and Chris Hardwick review the Microsoft Kin Two, a snazzy little phone that allows users to stay constantly connected with their friends (and perhaps those enemies they like to stalk) on a 3.4" multi-touch display. This phone is all about social networking, so tune in at 7:00pm ET to find out if its features are worth the $100 price tag.

X-Play's Adam Sessler also talks by to give his thoughts on Lost Planet 2 and Blair Butler also brings you an exclusive look at Amazing Spider-Man, all tonight on Attack of the Show! 

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Nook eReader Review & Morgan Webb on Halo: Reach Beta on AOTS!

Kevin Pereira and Chris Hardwick get literal (literally?) on tonight's Gadget Pr0n when they take a look at the $260 Nook eReader from Barnes & Noble, with its color touch screen, E Ink display and access to over 1,500 titles. Morgan Webb also visits from X-Play to talk about what's new with the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta. Tune in tonight at 7:00pm for an all new episode!

It's 420 and of the various activities you'll be engaging in today, video game playing has got to be high on the list, so high in fact that we've created a list of games you'll especially enjoy playing today. It shouldn't be hard to squeeze these in between your lying about lazily and your lying about lackadaisically.

The Top Five Games To Play On 420Pong - Pong isn't the perfect game to play on 420 because even a person with impaired motor skills and hand-eye coordination could master it. Rather, it's the perfect game to play while in an altered state because only then can you comprehend the game's deep, spiritual message. You see, Pong isn't about maneuvering your stick to bounce a ball past another stick, it's about... Well, you'll have to experience it for yourself to find out.

Portal - Portal is mentally taxing. So, why are we recommending it to you when you might be mentally checked out? It's because anyone with a lot of time and patience can beat the game when they're well rested and thinking clearly. It takes a true genius to beat it while you're, let's call it, "feeling groovy." Challenge yourself, gamer!

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 - It's good for the same reason the behind-the-scenes photos of Olivia on the beach in Hawaii we posted earlier are good; it's filled with impossibly beautiful women wearing bikinis in impossibly beautiful situations. It's definitely worth your time on 420 or any day of the year for that matter.

The Top Five Games To Play On 420Crackdown - Jumping from rooftop to rooftop like you're Neo or The Incredible Hulk is already fun. Doing it with your friend Mary Jane by your side and the "Free for All" DLC pack downloaded, which amplifies your already ramped up agility, is outrageous. You'll get so high you'll never come down (in the game).

Flower - It's hard to explain why flower is so good when you're getting your head right. After all, it lacks the traditional elements that make video games so great, like guns or violence. Maybe it's great because there's none of that stuff to harsh your mellow. You're just like a leaf floating along on the breeze or something, man. Groovy!

Mass Effect 2's Yvonne Strahovski Visits AOTS

So yesterday, we had a stripper and hot wing buffet on set. Today, we top that with a special visit from Yvonne Strahovski, best known for her role as Sarah Walker on Chuck and the voice of Miranda from Mass Effect 2. Basically, she's every nerd's wet dream.

Tonight, she'll be on Attack of the Show to talk about her work on both projects, her encounters with fans and April Fool's Day. We'll also bring you The A-Team trailer and Chris Gore talks to the cast of Clash of the Titans. Tune in to G4 at 7:00pm to check it out.

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My Top Five Videogame Valentines

Posted February 12, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

My Top Five Videogame Valentines

Did you know? Valentine's Day is this Sunday, it's the holy day for love and giving presents to girls who really deserve it. No, this isn't a fake Hallmark holiday that represents needless consumerism in America. It's about girls, which explains why the editors of TheFeed asked me (an actual girl) to count down the top game characters I'd like to have as my very special boyfriends Valentines.

These guys may be fake and all, but that doesn't mean I can't swoon over them every time they appear on my TV screen. And they’re real in my heart.

5. Master Chief, Halo 3: I know, weird. But think about it!!!! He's the last living Spartan Supersoldier Something and talk about MYSTERY. I don't even know what this guy looks like, but I would totally make out with him. He saves the world, can survive pretty much anything (unless I'm the one actually playing Halo. Then he dies like every 5 minutes.) and the reason why he doesn't talk much is because he’s LISTENING. It’s really hard to find a guy who listens, you know? The only problem is getting Cortana out of the picture. She is so annoying.

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The Ultimate Street Fighter Combo

Posted January 19, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

The Ultimate Street Fighter Combo

Can't wait to try this in Super Street Fighter IV.

Art by David Soames.

[Via 8A Tumblr]

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Musical Playtime with the Eigenharp

Posted January 14, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

Musical Playtime with the Eigenharp

You see that thing up there? That's not some crazy new weapon from Borderlands. That's the Eigenharp, a new electronic instrument that can play and improvise an infinite variety of sounds on 140 different keys. It sounds complicated, but today on Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira will be trying this revolutionary instrument for the first time on air! So get ready to JAM.

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Real Time with the Fake AP Stylebook Guys

Twitter may bring friends, celebrities and news headlines together, but sometimes there are those that take themselves way too seriously--like the the AP Stylebook tweets by the Associated Press. The Twitter feed provides an ongoing online guide to a proper stylistic tips for journalists. (Example: "Lowercase arthritis, leukemia, etc. Capitalize a name associated with a disease such as Alzheimer’s disease.") 

Yeah, little known fact: professional journalists don't really know how to write. That's where the AP Stylebook comes in to tell us the correct way to spell things out and when to capitalize certain words.

So it was only a matter time before a group made a parody version. Meet the Fake AP Stylebook Twitter which always manages to bring a hilarious twist to seemingly serious notes on American journalism. (Example: Do not write that someone "sported a mad boner" unless you have sourced documentation of the madness of said boner.)

Attack of the Blog! recently caught up with the two founders of the Fake AP Stylebook, Mark Hale and Ken Lowery, to get the lowdown on their comedy project and their personal pet peeves.

(Our latest favorite Tweet: When writing front-page headlines, make sure they are clear, can be read while spinning and move the movie's plot forward.)

How did the Fake AP Style Book Twitter get started?

Mark: Ken showed me the real AP Stylebook's Twitter feed, since he knew I had a bit of a journalism background, and I checked it out and replied "I'm not sure if I'm sad or relieved that this isn't a joke feed," And off we went.  He wrote a fake entry, I wrote a fake entry, he started a feed for it, and here we are, three weeks and 48,000 followers later.

Ken:  We've done joke feeds like this before (@zombiehorde, @thisreallyhurts, @forevercon, and others), and mostly they were exercises in comedy, not unlike improv prompts. "Tell this kind of joke in this style. Now do a new one every day." For whatever reason, this is the one that blew up. Quite by accident, I'd like to add.

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