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'AOTS' Wednesday, April 29

Posted April 29, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Rumors abound about a secret project that Microsoft is working on with Verizon. We'll have the Senior Technology Editor for the 'Wall Street Journal,' Julia Angwin on to discuss the rumors and tell us what's really going on at MS.
The battlefield is a fast moving vicious environment which is why companies all over the world are developing new weapons all the time and today we've got the new Ion Tiger UAV, and M4 Carbine, and a sharp, new unmanned transport.
Hero worship's a natural thing, especially if your hero has Adamantium claws. Today's items will allow you fanboys and girls to be more like that feral mutant with berserker rage, Wolverine. Please don't hurt anyone.
You know what's better than a girl with adamantium claws? A girl with adamantium claws who's willing to act as a bottle opener. Hot.
Bubble Wrap Jump, Shadow Hare, Denny's Terminator Commercials, Remi Gaillard Pac Man, Vibrator Race.
One of the unbreakable rules of the universe is that when complete idiots attempt parkour, comedy will ensue. We're counting on that rule to hold steadfast in this Parkour Fail edition of Break Moments.
Kristin Adams reports the latest news on the early release of the Palm Pre, Gamefly's problems with the U.S. Postal Service, rumors about a new PSP and more.
Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip compete against each other in the new sport that's been sweeping the internet and the nation, Dildo Racing.
Blair Herter talks to Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman and the cast of the much anticipated 'X-Men' spinoff, 'X:Men Origins: Wolverine.' It's the best interview ever, bub.

'AOTS' Monday, April 27

Posted April 27, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Would you like to access your files from anywhere in the world, at any time? Well, the My Book World hard drive can do that for you, and Chris Hardwick is here to let you know what he thinks of it.
Animoto is an application that will allow you to input pictures and music, and create a custom slideshow from the result. So, you can show your friends and family all of those vacation pictures you've been sitting on.
Dancing Chihuahua, 'GI Joe' Cartoon, Hamster Car Race, Moms on the Net, Lucy Song.
Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler break down the new PlayStation 3 game, 'Fat Princess,' and tell us if it's worth a play.
Alison Haislip is here to deliver your Monday Feed, and she's got stories about a possible Verizon iPhone, a computer that takes on ?Jeopardy,' GE's massive new disc, and more.
Weston Scott, our military expert, goes behind the scenes at ?Heroes,' to take a look at the weaponry in the show, and gives a preview of tonight's season finale.
Our newest superhero, Girlverine, shows the world what a hassle it can be for a lady with adamantium claws to maintain her personal hygene.
We've found a beautiful easter egg on the internet, in the form of the ESPN website and a gaggle of unicorns.
With people increasingly getting their news online and from other sources, the newspaper industry has been facing sharp decline for years. Are the print and paper days over? Kevin Pereira talks with Nicholas Carlson of 'Business Insider' to find out.

'AOTS' Thursday, April 23

Posted April 23, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
In an effort to class up this week's Women of the Web, we are harnessing the awesome power of Google and giving you a list of the top ten most searched-for ladies of the internet.
When Google unveiled their Android operating system last year, everyone was wondering when they were going to put it on other devices, well now you don't have to wait, you'll just have to hack this!
It's important to record the world around you to help you remember stuff about it, which is why Blair went through the trouble of composing this list of camera gear that you should go after.
Raised in Indiana, this pair made videos for fun in high school, eventually landing in New York, where they showed their work at local film fests and took their live show to the now-defunct Aspen Comedy Arts Festival, landing them a deal with TBS.
We sent our resident film expert Chris Gore out to visit Fangoria Magazine's annual horror convention known as Fango Con and what he brought back was quite the interesting pair of items.
We've got an exclusive first look at a TV-cut for a sketch made by our buddies at Good Neighbor and it involves a classic roommate confrontation about dishes turned on its head.
Ever see a bunch of wacky Germans go crazy for technology and kill each other in awesomely brutal ways? Well, watch this and you'll only be able to answer, "Yep."
MySpace CEO, Chris DeWolfe and everyone's favorite online friend, Tom Anderson are both parting ways with MySpace, one of the biggest social networks around. What does this mean for the company? We'll find out in The Loop.
Blair Herter has got your Feed news pertaining to the following: lawyers representing the Pirate Bay defendants are appealing their guilty verdict, while MySpace cleans out its top 8. All this and more in today's The Feed.
Beatbox Kid, Satan Murdered by Jesus, Fabio the Pirate, Autotune the News, German Shopping.

'AOTS' Monday, April 20

Posted April 20, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Every year, 'High Times' magazine hosts a contest in Amsterdam to find the world's best strain of marijuana. This year, we behold the spectacle that is the 21st annual Cannabis Cup.
This now-classic bit of television gold is being brought back and re-cut to reveal even more about that fateful day that Olivia donned a bikini, dove off a cliff in Jamaica, and hurt her bottom.
Kevin has a chat about legalizing marijuana with Judge Jim P. Gray, author of 'Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed...' in today's 420 Loop.
Doug Benson and Alison Haislip travel to Oakland, CA to visit the newly built Oaksterdam University, a.k.a. Cannabis College to learn a thing or two about the cultivation of the wacky herb.
Kevin took to the road to visit a small town in Northern Australia called Nimbin, where a collective of locals who started a festival in 1973 are seen as the country's last stand for legalization.
Back in 2008, Kevin and Olivia went to Jamaica to experience the full 420 experience, but they also went to check out Miss Brown's Tea House where they make mysterious mushroom tea.
Kevin and Guest Co-Host Doug Benson have 30 seconds to create a bong out of a pile of seemingly worthless objects. The big question will be, "Will it Smoke?"
Apparently, aussies got very close to legalizing the herb just recently but weren't able to seal the deal, so while Kevin was in Sydney, he visited with a member of parliament and a local marijuana historian to see what went wrong.
Whan I goin a eery, me want a translator for I. Back in Jamaica, Big C gets a street lesson in the local slang and actually hears about a word that's so bad, you can get arrested for using it.
Check out this clip from Doug Benson's cannabis opus where he stays high continuously for 30 days to see what effect it has on the human body.
Olivia continues her countdown of her top 5 favorite Jamaica episode segments, this one being number 4; The Appleton Rum Factory.
Off the beaten path lies a gigantic and massively illegal marijuana farm in the Jamaican countryside and Kevin got himself a little tour of the grounds.

This Monday is 4/20, and G4 is locked and loaded with our annual 420 special, hosted this year by Kevin Pereira and Doug Benson. A part of that special will be a Loop 420 Edition, in which Kevin will discuss the legalization of marijuana with Judge Jim P. Gray, author of Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed...

For more information about the honorable Judge Gray, please check out his information at the following links.



This is the full, uncut version of that interview...which we hope you will watch and consider seriously, especially if you are one of our nation's lawmakers.


Judge Jim Gray's Case for Legalization - FULL Interview »


Attack of the Show's 420 Special starts at 7PM ET this Monday, followed by Dave Chapelle's Half-Baked, and Doug Benson's documentary Super High Me

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'AOTS' Tuesday, April 14

Posted April 14, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Kevin and Chris Gore are talking new and old DVD releases with wise words on Frank Miller's 'The Spirit' as well as 'Skins' Volume 2. Then it's on to a rapid fire attack of the best stoner movies to help prep you for 420.
They may be a total mystery to the opposite sex, but you've got to admit there's something important about interacting with a female human. That's why Ms. Olivia Munn has seen to it to reveal a little something about women to make them less mysterious.
We've got the Executive Director of the Webbie awards with us in the Loop to talk about this year's nominees and apparent trends in the vast realm of the internet. (echo)
Marijuana has been decriminalized in California for quite a while now, which means its legal if you have a prescription, but where do you go and how to you shop your prescription around once you've got it? Alison went on a tour and here's what she saw.
This week on Fresh Ink, Blair Butler's got breaking news from Image Comics you'll only see right here, and a countdown of three brand new graphic novels, including the comic book version of a Stephen King classic.
Kristin Adams is here with your Tuesday Feed, including stories about bandwidth capping and legalizing sexting in Vermont.
Mom Flip, Glenn Beck Pass Out, Earth Rocks, Rocket Sled Car Explosion, Redneck Rodeo.

'AOTS' Monday, March 16

Posted March 16, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan, who garnered internet fame with their Chad Vader series, is a comedy duo from Wisconsin working under the name Blame Society and today we bestow upon them, crowns and scepters of internet comedy.
We're joined by TV's Adam Sessler of 'X-Play' to see what his take is on the vaunted release of the anticipated 'Resident Evil 5' and to talk a bit about his review of the game, which was only mildly favorable.
We're joined by Daniel Roth, a senior writer at Wired Magazine, to talk ISPs and big changes they're fixing to make regarding how much access to the web you can have via bandwidth restriction, throttling, and blocking content.
We're scouring the nation's thrift stores for forgotten VHS gold and presenting them to you in something we like to call Found Footage. What do Alan Thicke and alien exchange students have in common? Find out in today's FF.
Faceplant Without a Skateboard, Mermaid, Stair Climbing 101, Model Stampede, Hunkercize.
We've got some pointers on how to hack your way into getting more free media through your Boxee running through Apple TV. It's easy, fun, and totally against the rules.
Layla Kayleigh has your Monday Feed with stories about the new iPhone OS, a MacGyver movie, and more.
Alison Haislip sits down with cast and director of 'I Love You Man' to talk man-dating and working with the original Hulk himself, Mr. Lou Ferrigno.

'AOTS' Monday, March 09

Posted March 9, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Now may not be the best time to drop multiple thousands of dollars on a new car, but for those of us who still have millions of dollars lying around, we may find this string of superhot cars at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland tantalizing.
Resident Evil...
Chris Hardwick was in Vegas recently for the PMA Camera Convention which showcases the newest and dopest in still imagery gadgets.
Attack Of The Show knows what you like, what makes you laugh, and has an exhaustive list of your private information that includes your PIN numbers.
Kevin and Olivia go down the wrong path after watching a little kid smoke smarties on the the YouTubes. It's despicable.
Movie editor for HitFix.com, Drew McWeeny as well as the editor for the Hot Button blog, David Poland join Kevin today on the loop to talk about how 'Watchmen' did on its big opening weekend up against no other big releases.
Resident Evil...
We're taking a look at a new laptop that is drop and spill resistant. The magnesium-alloy case and anti-shock mounted LCD screen protect its innards, an Intel Centrino Duo Processor, 2 GB of RAM and 160 GB of hard drive, from impact.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
Adam Sessler takes to the 'Attack of the Show' soapbox to let everyone know about a great gaming web site called Good Old Games where you can find the old school stuff for super cheap and download it DRM free to your PC.
It's time to check out what's going on with the whole, entire world. In this inaugural edition of 'What's up With the World,' we take a look at an Indian man masquerading as a monkey and a Russian man named Pyotro who wears a full-body instrument.
Alison's got your Feed and today's she's spooning up news on the 'Watchmen' release numbers, rumors about an Apple netbook, and a new NASA satellite that's going to look for Earth-like planets in deep space.
Party Girl, Smoke Smarties, Cops for Kids, Bad Drunk Guy.

Web Team Staff Pick: 2.4.09

Posted February 4, 2009 - By TylerColfax

Today's Web Team Pick of the Show is easily the illuminating and well-bantered Loop segment featuring sex expert Violet Blue discussing the future of sex.

The Future of Sex »

Tags: The Loop

Today's Loop is all about the future of sex and in the segment, sexual relations between humans and robots will be seriously and carefully discussed. In keeping with today's robosexual theme, I've compiled a list of the top five hottest robot babes of all time.

Lucy Liu-bot from Futurama - She's hot for all the same reasons the actual Lucy Liu is hot, only the actual Lucy Liu would never go out with you. As demonstrated in the Futurama episode, I Dated a Robot, you can pirate the cybernetic version of her on your blank robot and suddenly become the envy of your friends and appliances.

T-X from Terminator 3 - Early on in the movie, she uses her shape-shifting ability to give herself a double D cup. 'Nuff said.

Cherry 2000 from Cherry 2000 -  This blonde sex bot's look might be a little outdated in the eyes of a modern audience, but if her owner was willing to leave a utopia to wander around in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, nearly having his head blown off by freaks and desert marauders every five minutes, she must have been something in the boudoir.

Read More »

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