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Accurate Women's Tennis Captions

It's due to the diligence of caption writers that the deaf get to experience the sounds that are truly associated with women's tennis matches.

Suddenly, it becomes clear to them why so many men tune in, yet remain clueless about the sport itself.


This crazy guy in the Union Jack hat saw this live interview with golfer, Webb Simpson as an opportunity to broadcast a call to his armies of birds all across the world. 

Now, the waiting begins as his plan for world domination has been officially activated.

High Jump Fail

Posted June 18, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

That's what happens when you play multiple sports. This guy thought about doing an impressive high jump, but at the last moment had some weird brain fart and decided to steal home.

By the time he gets back to the baseball diamond, he's going to high jumping over the bases, getting himself technically tagged out. It's fail at every turn.

"What's happening? We still doing this jiu-jitsu thingamajig? Whatever, wake me when it's over."

While it could very well be the case that this woman doesn't know the devastation of her own jiu-jitsu skills, this embarrased demonstration volunteer (who himself is a black belt) just might be an undiagnosed narcoleptic.

Hey, It Works For Remote Controls

What better way to transport a set of babies on a motorcycle than with what appears to be a modified napsack this guy probably bought at the local flea market?

Sure, there's the pesky issue of having infants bouncing back and forth the whole trip like a giant pair of bull testicles, but he just tells them that everywhere they go is Disneyland.


Boxing would be much more enjoyable to watch if it was all in stop-motion animation with action hero figurines. But that's just me.

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Little Basketball Troll

Posted June 6, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

While it's pretty clear we're not dealing with a future first round draft pick, this trolling tyke just had to interfere with his meager moment of swishing glory.

However, there has to be a certain amount of glory taken from a faceplant like this.

Starting Gate Forgot To Start

Posted June 4, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

This set of bike gates just wasn't quite ready to let go of these cyclists.

It's all part of its sinister plan to sabotage this bike race that is apparently consequential to someone for some reason.

You can celebrate a goal by running around and hugging you team mates, or you can shoot rainbow lasers out of your eyes. The choice is yours.

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Humans aren't the only one who like to kayak. Apparently sea lions are fans of the water sport, as well. Check out this freeloader.

For more viral videos, watch Around the Net on Attack of the Show every weeknight at 7/6c!

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