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Moving Van Gets Ironic

Posted May 25, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Moving Van Gets Ironic

"By flooring it into this gas station, some Slim Jims flew out of the window and nobody cares that I ate them. So, yeah, I'd say it was a wise move.

Reputation secure."


Piranha 3DD's Danielle Panabaker Pictures

Like you, we can't wait to watch Danielle Panabaker fight killer fish while sporting a bikini in Piranha 3DD and, like you, it pains us that we won't be able to see Piranha 3DD for another two days. Luckily, we have just the thing to make the wait more bearable, a full gallery of Danielle Panabaker pics! If you've got Piranha 3DD-related anxiety, you simply must see them now!

Asian Guy Becomes Ridiculously Photogenic

Asians are stereotyped as bad drivers because their genes are starstruck that they share his ethnicity.

When he opens fortune cookies, they always read "oh, who am I kidding?"

Chinatowns across the country erect arches to effectively frame the pictures in case he happens to jog through.

His smile has already freed Tibet. -- They just don't know it yet because its power works faster than what's humanly-comprehensible.


Men In Black III's Alice Eve Photos

The producers of Men in Black III sure knew what they were doing when they cast the lovely and talented Alice Eve in their movie. Most nerds go absolutely crazy whenever she's on the silver screen. We wonder if the same is true of the small screen… Hey, you're a nerd, right? Check out these behind-the-scenes Alice Eve pics and let us know if you have the same reaction as your brethren.

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This Bridal Shop Teaches Takedowns

Ladies, there's no better place to shop for that special dress for your special day than here.

Sure, the saleswomen have cauliflower ears and chips on their shoulders, but you'll come out of the experience with better striking and ground-game for when you walk down that aisle.


Candace Bailey & Rick Baker Play With Animatronic Puppets From Men In Black III, Pictures


Before you check out AOTB's exclusive photos of Candace Bailey and Rick Baker toying around with animatronic puppets from Men in Black 3, take an emotional inventory. Are you the kind of nerd who gets jealous easily? If so, the Men in Black III animatronic puppet pictures might just drive you a little nutty. It's okay. Like you, everyone else at G4 wishes they could have been there too.

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When will the world learn that they should stop making songs about social networking? Here's another song, "Thank you Facebook" that does just that with love and gratitude for bringing people from all around the world together into one online space.

Not included are thanks for allowing your mom to like and comment on every single one of your updates, potential employers viewing that one embarrassing photo of you when you were drunk back in high school, and all that "Get your free iPad here" spam. And how many times can someone share that "Where in the world is Matt?" video on your Feed?

So thank you, Facebook.

Tenacious D Brings The Thunder On AOTS, Pics

Nothing compares to having your mind blown by Tenacious D in person (especially when they show a new video for their album, Rize of the Fenix), but getting to see stellar photos of a classic Tenacious D appearance is still pretty cool. So, show your friends and fellow music snobs how cool you are and check out AOTB's Tenacious D pics immediately… or don't and have everyone think you're lame!

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Patton Oswalt Makes Mirth On AOTS, Pics

For our money, there are very few standups that parallel the genius of Patton Oswalt, which is why it was our supreme pleasure to capture candids of the comic maestro during his appearance on Attack of the Show. Just look at our behind-the-scenes Patton Oswalt photos! Even in stills, his comedy seeps through!

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Tom Kenny (The Voice Of SpongeBob SquarePants) Pictures

When some of the G4 staffers learned that Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants was going to appear on today's AOTS, they got so excited that a small riot erupted! Luckily, we were able to rush over to set and snap some Tom Kenny photos before the ravenous, SpongeBob-loving fans reached Studio B and set the Twitter Wall ablaze. Honor our life-threatening photographic exploits and check out our Tom Kenny/ SpongeBob SquarePants pictures now!

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