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Dirty Laundry: Thomas Jane Returns As The Punisher!

Thomas Jane's one-time go in 2004 as Marvel's gun-toting, tortured, trenchcoat-sporting vigilante, The Punisher was a rather underrated affair that would not end up being continued with a proper sequel, but rather, with a highly-panned reboot effort in 2008 starring Ray Stevenson.

However, it seems that eight years later, Jane has reprised the role...in a ten-minute fan film called Dirty Laundry.

Check it out below, but be warned, it is full of bad language, gushing gore, and even Ron Perlman. But really, how could a Punisher film NOT have those things?

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Based on what we've already seen, it's clear that the epic tension between Batman and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was missing a critical element: An annoying acrobatic teenager with a Boy Scout mentality who seems to preface too many things with the word, "holy."

Well, thanks to the folks at Above Average Productions, we no longer have to pine for the opportunity that director, Christopher Nolan missed by not including the green Speedo-sporting, elf-shoes-wearing boy wonder in his films.

"You guys who are actually jumping over every one of those bar thingies are complete suckers.

Just sit back and watch the ladies amp-up the humidity in the stands while I power my way through that s**t."

It's A Matter Of Perspective

Posted July 5, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

It's A Matter Of Perspective

Either the years of crime-fighting stress have put a sharp crease down Spider-Man's forehead, or Victoria's Secret Models are tanning way too much.

Maybe it's time Spidey upgraded his eye-goggles to a sports bra for the sake of security.


Ah, there's nothing like the majesty and fiery idealism that goes with the tradition that is the running of the Olympic torch.

It's a good thing that Londoners have spent a decade preparing their city for all possible incidents such as terrorist attacks, riots, etc. to ensure complete and total safety to all and...ohhh.

So, a couple kids just breezed past security, went right up to the torch runner, and almost nabbed the torch.

Okay, so maybe all that "safety" stuff got put on the back-burner.

Candace Bailey Rally Races With Bucky Lasek, Pics

If you auto-fanatics got a kick out of seeing Candace Bailey strap in to a Subaru with rally racer Bucky Lasek, then our Candace Bailey rally race photos will absolutely thrill you! They're a must see for any gearhead and even those of you who have rides that can barely outrace Power Wheels. So, go look at our Candace Bailey rally race photos now!

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Those pesky advertising bugs always find creative ways to inject themselves in the middle of what you're watching.

This one, however, decided that an effective way to promote the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man was to depict Spidey in the culmination of a miniature adventure as he swings out of pitcher, C.C. Sabathia's ass to safety.

He was looking for answers about the mysterious circumstances of his parents' disappearance. All he found instead was the remnants of a breakfast burrito and a hidden can of Vaseline.

Minor Hockey is serious business, especially to this coach in Canada where these children were playing at the University of BC.

Apparently, one 13 year-old player on the opposing team just didn't suffer enough after the coach mocked him throughout the game and decided to use the post-game handshake as an opportunity to get revenge for his middle-finger response.

Taking a page from The Karate Kid's evil sensei, John Kreese, he waited until the child's back was turned and went on to "sweep the leg."

You see, if he was a real tough guy, he would have attacked the 13 year-old child face-to-face. But, alas...

Indian Gandalf Vs. Train

Posted June 26, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

It seems that no matter what this Indian Gandalf does, that train most definitely shall "pass."

Sure, he seems to draw the adulation of the crowd for his daring maneuvers, but how long could he possibly keep doing this? The ever-growing sport of "standing in front of a moving train until the last millisecond" is a young man's game.

As Gary Oldman gets ready to wow us again as Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises next month, he's also taken the time for this bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about a serious issue plaguing the entertainment industry: Acting Athletes.

The film resume of Shaquille O'Neal alone is enough evidence to support Mr. Oldman's point here. Let's keep athletes out of acting.

Do it for the children so that, unlike us, they won't have to sit through another comic book movie debacle like Steel.

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