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Sex on the Moon's Ben Mezrich & More on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Ben Mezrich, author of The Accidental Billionaires, will be in studio for his new book, Sex on the Moon. We'll learn about how his book is based on a true story about a NASA intern stealing moon rocks, his thoughts on The Social Network and more. Alison Haislip and Blair Butler go behind the scenes with Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar for voicing the new Iron Man and Wolverine anime series on G4. See you at 7PM!

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We love seeing ultra sexy cosplayers dressed up as Star Wars' slave Leia at Comic-Con every year, but as this Comic-Con Cosplay PSA explains, a little more variety would be nice. You still have a day or so to change your costume to something equally geeky and hot.

Fantastic Fest Foists First First Film Festival Fodder For 2011

Austin, Texas is not just home to the Alamo Drafthouse, arguably the country's greatest line of cinemas, but both are also host to Fantastic Fest, the best genre film festival in the world. If it's weird, crazy, bizarre, horrifying, science-fictiony, or just plain WTF, then Fantastic Fest will feature it. They also bring in the filmmakers and treat them to things like trips to fire shotguns, out of the way BBQ joints, swimming hole excursions, and more while festival attendees feast on things like a "Royal With Cheese" Burger and Real Ale Fireman's #4 from a nearby Texas brewery, both available on the extensive Drafthouse menu.

“Fantastic Fest is the high-point of my year. Every year old friends return and strangers become friends. Fantastic Fest is my extended dysfunctional family; each of us completely obsessed by the wildest and weirdest films on earth,” says festival creative director and co-founder Tim League.

And this is extremely true. You will most likely never attend another film festival that offers up this kind of fare, and celebrates it to the extreme. Fantastic Fest begins this September 22nd, and runs through the 29th. Head on after the break to see the first round of film announcements, which include titles like Invasion of Alien Bikini, and 2K restored versions of Lucio Fulci's classics like House By The Cemetery and Zombie. Try to be there.

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Pre Comic-Con 2011: Sara Underwood Cosplays As Catwoman

You can stop sending in the aggressive e-mails demanding pictures of Sara Underwood cosplaying as Catwoman. We've now got an entire gallery of Sara Underwood pics where she  dresses up as The Dark Knight's sexiest nemesis, Catwoman. Please, enjoy the Sara Underwood Catwoman cosplay photos and again, stop sending in those e-mails! Do however, feel free to leave all of the adoring, and hopefully not creepy, picture comments you want.

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Falling Skies' Sarah Sanguin Carter Pictures

Even if hostile aliens invaded right now, we wouldn't notice, because we'd be too enraptured with the Falling Skies' Sarah Sanguin Carter pics from today's AOTS. The photos are very eye-catching, much like Falling Skies itself, but at least you don't have to wait a whole week for them, unlike a certain Sci-Fi television show.

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Pre Comic-Con 2011: Sara Underwood Cosplays As Ulala From Space Channel 5

Those of you who were lucky enough to own a Sega Dreamcast probably spent many a night fantasizing about the sultry, purple haired star of Space Channel 5, Ulala and today your dreams have come true in the form of our Sara Underwood Ulala cosplay pics. Now, you won't be able to control Sara Undwerwood-Ulala with your d-pad, but you'll get just as much enjoyment viewing the cosplay pictures as you ever did playing Space Channel 5.

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Pre Comic-Con 2011: Sara Underwood Cosplays As Padme Amidala

Comic-Con is next week and Sara Underwood has already gotten into the spirit by cosplaying as everyone's favorite Star Wars monarch, Queen Padme Amidala! Thankfully, you don't have to fight any Sith to see out pics of Sara Underwood dressing up as Padme, nor will you have to flex your Jedi powers to see her cosplay as various Sci-Fi and video game hotties all week long on AOTS!

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Anime Expo 2011 Cosplay Photo Galleries

Anime Expo 2011 was a whirlwind of cosplay fun, a convocation of sexy anime fangirls who love nothing more than to dress up as their favorite, half clad Japanimation heroines (and there were dudes with cool costumes too). We've got several galleries of the best cosplayers at Anime Expo and whether you're into anime, manga, Sci-Fi movies, or just pretty girls, you're going to love 'em! So, check out the links to the galleries of anime cosplay pics below and say goodbye to your weekend!

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