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PC Gaming

Aspire Price Drop

Posted August 22, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Pssst...hey, buddy, are you looking for a laptop? Have I got a deal for you. The price on Acer's Aspire 1 notebook has dropped to $350.  The Windows XP version of the notebook (120GB hard drive and 1GB RAM) had its price chopped $50. If that's not affordable, I don't know what is!


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Oh boy. As if having an internet boyfriend wasn't embarrassing enough, a North Carolina woman is facing attempted kidnapping charges for driving to Delaware and trying to take her former Second Life companion at gunpoint.

Kimberly Jernigan met her internet significant other in person a few months ago, after which the "victim" in this situation ended their relationship. Apparently, this sent poor Jernigan into a downward spiral, and after her first kidnapping at gunpoint attempt was laughed at, she posed as a US Postal worker to get his new address, broke into his home, bound and gagged his dog in the bathroom, and greeted him at the front door with a laser-sighted BB gun. I'm so not kidding.

After seeing the red dot appear on his chest when he walked inside, the victim immediately fled and called the police. His dog was unharmed, and the cops picked up Jernigan on the freeway sometime later. She is currently facing charges of attempted kidnapping, burglary, and aggravated menacing. So. Awesome.


The fine, very handsome folks at Telltale Games were kind enough to send us the first installment of a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their recently released Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. The first episode -- "Homestar Ruiner" -- is available now for PC (via download here) and on WiiWare.

If you're not in-the-know, Strong Bad is the breakout star of "Homestar Runner" the internet's funniest flash cartoon series.

This video is completely exclusive to G4tv.com, so feel special (we certainly do), and feel free to share it with all of your friends.

Strong Bad in 'Behind The Bad' Episode 1 »

The New Face Of Lara Croft

Posted August 11, 2008 - By jmanalang

Thank you, The Sun, so much. Everyone, without further ado, meet Tomb Raider Lara Croft's new RL counterpart, the lovely Alison Caroll.

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2K Games Talks 'BioShock' Movie

Posted August 6, 2008 - By jmanalang

If anyone asks us for a Fool's Gold (starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey) movie night, we'll pass...along with 2K Games founder Ken Levine. Speaking with Videogaming247 about the upcoming film adaptation of BioShock, Levine said:

“You’re always going to be worried that in that first meeting [the film producers are] going to be, like, ‘OK, it’s Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey on a desert island hunting for pirate treasure,’ but it’s not going to go that way."

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski is currently on the seat for the movie. According to Levine, Verbinski actually "gets" the BioShock franchise. “My expectation at this time, from everything that I’ve heard, is that it will very much honour the dramatic and thematic elements of the game… They certainly understand the material and are able to provide a stamp of their own.”

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'Doom' Movie Sequel Wanted By id

Posted August 1, 2008 - By jmanalang

So perhaps after you've come up with a name for the new Doom game, you may want to think about another one for a potential movie sequel.

"Personally I'd like to do another Doom movie, I thought working with it was a blast," said by id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead. Doom the movie, distributed and released in 2005 by Universal, stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the main character Sarge. The movie grossed about $28 million domestically. The story of the movie revolved around a group of space marines investigating an "unknown" threat at a research facility on a distant planet.

"We’ll see what happens when we get further along in development of the (new Doom) game and there's more buzz and we share more about what the game will be about," said Hollenshead. Would you say, "id like another Doom movie?"

Kotaku: id Would Like Another Doom Movie

Prince of Persia's big screen debut has been pushed back a year by Walt Disney Pictures. The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced film was originally set for a June 2009 release. Bruckheimer, who produced Pirates of the Caribbean, said that the movie will be inspired by all Prince of Persia video game titles.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is directed by Mike Newell, who did Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and will be starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the prince himself. However, the prince's next-gen video game console debut from Ubisoft, Prince of Persia, is still set to be released this November for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Check out some gameplay footage after the cut.

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Call it "blowing things out of proportion", but we're huge fans of Casino Royale and if there's any news or gossip about 007's latest mission in Quantum of Solace, we're all ears...or eyes. When BBC reported about R&B Sensation Alicia Keys and Raconteurs front man Jack White recording the new Bond theme song, they may have written a phrase that links to Daniel Craig's first film as Bond. Of course, you have to click the link to find out (and we're not splling anything from the first film).

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Disney Online has added a new Privateering content update to their swash-buckling MMO Pirates of the Caribbean Online for the Mac and PC.  Players will side with one of two Pirate Lords who give new quests and rewards to those willing to rise to the Privateering challenge.  Which basically is a license-to-kill for new loot.  Now that's motivation.

The new content is available to both Basic and Unlimited Access players.  Along with the update are new enhancements to the Crew Interface allowing a much more enjoyable experience managing your crew to "take what you can get, give nothing back" during your adventures.

Bonus: Included after the cut are the winning screens for Disney Online's Ultimate Ship Battle Screenshot Contest.

Disney Online: New Content (Privateering) Added to Pirates of the Caribbean Online; New Screens

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The nail has finally been driven into the coffin on Scrabulous on Facebook. The popular Scrabble clone has been shut down for US and Canadian Facebook users by order of the Facebook overlords.

According to David Swain, a Facebook spokesman, Facebook "decided in the middle of the night to disable the application in the U.S. and Canada.”

“We’re trying to maintain just being a neutral platform," claims Facebook. This is odd to us, because being neutral suggests that Facebook wouldn't take any action between Scrabulous.com and Hasbro, which owns the rights to the original Scrabble game.

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