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Excellent! Keanu Reeves Wants To Bring Back Bill & Ted?

Keanu Reeves is still quite keen on reuniting with partner in crime, Alex Winter and getting a new Bill & Ted movie made. He's been dropping various details over the last year, and in the latest tidbit, the actor even went so far as to hint about the plot.

Promoting his latest film Henry's Crime in an interview with MTV, Reeves was asked about the progress of the Bill & Ted project. The film is currently being written by the original entry's screenwriters, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, and as Reeves reveals, he's put the duo on notice to get the script churned out on time.

According to Reeves, in six weeks time, the script to what will be the first Bill & Ted film in over 20 years should be ready. So what's in store for San Dimas' dimwitted travelers of time and space?

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WrestleMania XXVII Recap/Review

For those of you who are even the remotest wrestling fans, but have never gotten the opportunity to attend WrestleMania, it's an experience that transcends your expectations of what a wrestling show can be. Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be in Atlanta, where I got the chance to go to WrestleMania Axxcess, the Hall of Fame ceremony, and the granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania XXVII. All week, there will be photos, impressions, and interviews from the events, but, in case you missed it, here's a fan's-eye view of WrestleMania.

Warning: There be spoilers ahead!

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Hobo With A Shotgun

Everybody has a horror nut in their life. Someone who obsesses over the visual special effects used to terrify people. The sort of person who absolutely must see every scary film on the market, and can tell you the exact chemical composition of movie blood. They've probably even made their own batches of it and keep it stored in the fridge. For me, that person was Matt Kurtz, and back in elementary school I remember him reading Fangoria magazine in every single class, and singing the praises of directors and movies I've never heard of. You know someone like that, right? If you don't, then chances are pretty high that the person is you.

Hobo With A Shotgun is out today on VOD, and you can watch it on your Xbox, at Amazon, rent it on iTunes, or several other video hotspots. Or catch it in theaters next week when it opens around the country. Personally, I'd recommend that you wait to see it in theaters, because you'll feel like you got transported back in time straight into a forgotten horror flick from 1985. Better yet, you could do both, and take a gaggle of friends with you. Because there just aren't enough movies about hobos with shotguns, or any weapons for that matter. Want to find out more about this cultural retro phenomenon? Of course you do. Keep reading.

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Superman: Man Of Steel Confirmed As Reboot By Zack Snyder

Director Zack Snyder has finally set the record straight on where his rendition of the Man of Steel mythos will be placed. The director now has his attention focused on the impending March 25 release of his action/fantasy epic Sucker Punch. However, even hot chicks in school girl outfits, wielding machine guns and samurai swords are still not enough to keep the topic from diverting to the 800 lb. gorilla that is Snyder's biggest project ever in 2012's Superman: Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill. Talking with The LA Times' Hero Complex, the director managed to clear-up misconceptions about the film's placement among all the other Superman movies. As far as Snyder is concerned, he intends to ignore the existence of all the other versions. In essence, he's going all Christopher Nolan on this film. (Who's also attached as an advising producer.) Yet, the buzz-word of the last five years or so, "reboot" is carefully danced-around in the interview. What gives?

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Man Arrested For Using Police Siren iPhone App

Today's lesson is understanding that sometimes, those cool apps you download on your smartphone can land you in jail, especially if you use it to impersonate the police. 21 year old Alexander Welch was arrested this week on a felony charge for the "unlawful exercise of the function of peace officers." In other words, Welch used the Police Light app to force the driver in front of him to pull over so he could pass.

That driver told police a driver behind them flashed a blue and red light and when they pulled over, the car with the flashing blue and red lights pulled in behind them briefly and then drove away. That raised the suspicion of the driver, who then began to follow the other car and called police to report what happened.

Does this prove that the app actually works to imitate those pesky blue and red police lights? I guess so but don't try to actually use them on people or you could be sitting next to Welch behind bars. Remember, people, use technology wisely. I suggest using this app only at the mall when herds of slow people are blocking the escalator. I hate it when that happens.

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Ray Stevenson Returning As The Punisher?

Could it be that Ray Stevenson is not done with his role as The Punisher? It seems that the actor, who portrayed the brutal, grief-stricken, gun-toting, vigilante in 2008's Punisher: War Zone may be in the running to return to the property, now that Marvel Studios has regained the film rights to its character.

Marvel already has him cast in this May's Thor and as he tells The Playlist, he could very well be back to shooting criminals in the face. Of course, it should be noted that the significance of such news is rooted in the fact that War Zone performed nothing short of abysmal at the box-office and it was also considered a creative failure to boot. With a production budget of $35 million, the film barely grossed over $10 million worldwide, resulting in a $25 million cost/net deficit. -- A failure in the most definitive sense.

So, the question you may have on the tips of your tongues, is why the hell would Marvel want to bring back the star of a franchise-raper like War Zone? Well, apparently, while the film was considered craptacular, they like what they've seen of the actor.

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Captain America: The First Look At The Red Skull

We got our first full look at Hugo Weaving as the nefarious disfigured Nazi/HYDRA collaborator The Red Skull from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger. Sure, we might have been able to sneak a quick one-second glimpse of him peeling off his disguise last month during the film's quickie Super Bowl trailer, but this time, Entertainment Weekly has provided a full look at the World War II era menace, decked out in his Gestapo-like uniform, which sports the not-so-subtle logo of terrorist organization HYDRA on his belt buckle. The visage of the scarlet-faced weapons developer also known as Johann Schmidt is actually quite an impressive sight, so be sure to check out the full pic in all its glory just below.

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AT-AT Walkers Restyled For Nerds

Artist Steven Anderson put a fun spin on the infamous AT-AT Walkers from Star Wars, incorporating other fan favorite movies into these robotic monsters. This one here is done in the style of Legend of Zelda but check out some of our favorites after the cut.

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Giant Rainbow PancakeToday is National Pancake Day! This mean we've got 24 hours to celebrate all the amazing things about pancakes, like how delicious they are and how they're really so easy to make and um...uh...other pancakey things that we can't really think of right now.

Really, pancakes are really quite a feat of science. Did you know that they're actually considered more of a quick bread than a cake? Who knew, right? There's a wealth of strange facts behind these pan-sized cakey goodnes so check out the top 10 things you didn't know about pancakes.

  1. Pancake Day originated as Shrove Tuesday, a day before Ash Wednesday when people stuff their faces with food before embarking on a fast for Lent.
  2. IHOP celebrates Pancake Day by offering every customer a free short stack of flapjacks in exchange for a small donation to a local charity. Quick, you've got until 10:00PM tonight to partake in this deal!
  3. Pancakes have been eaten since the prehistoric days as seed flours mixed with liquids and baked on hot stones. Yum.
  4. There are a billion varieties of pancakes from all over the world, including a savory type from Japan called okonomiyaki and a bowl shaped crepe known as a Dutch baby.
  5. We may have been exaggerating over a number of varieties in that previous statement.
  6.  The largest number of pancakes throw in the shortest amount of time is 349 tosses in 2 minutes by some awesome genius in the UK.
  7. The Guiness World Record in the most pancakes served in 8 hours is 34,818.
  8. Pikelets are tiny pancakes served with butter and jam in Australia and New Zealand.
  9. The first pancake mix, known as Aunt Jemima pancake flour, was sold commercially in 1889.
  10. The largest pancake ever made measured over 41 feet long and weighed 3 tons.

So there you go. Aren't you hungry for pancakes now?

AOTB's Super Bowl Prediction!

Posted February 3, 2011 - By Mike D'Alonzo

AOTB's Super Bowl Prediction!

Unless you've spent the past week and a half in stasis, or in a Mrs. Winterborne-type coma, you know that Sunday brings with it the game-of-all-games, the Super Bowl. This year's combatants, the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, are two storied franchises with long histories that make them two of the most important teams in the history of the sport.

Every year, here at G4tv.com, we make our predictions for who will win the game. Usually, as in last year's Feed article, it's based on videogames and what they might tell us about the future. We're down with that idea at Attack of the Blog, but we wanted to try something a little less scientific, namely comparing aesthetic points of the cities of Pittsburgh and Green Bay themselves, to see which one was truly worthy of winning the title.

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