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Relegating himself to giving fake performances at video booths, this guy knew his career as a rocker was going nowhere, so he decided to end it all...with hilarious results.

The failed rocker has poetically exited the world in the exact way that everyone who had the misfortune to attend his concerts felt like doing.

Did I mention this is totally real. Because it is. This is was like, leaked footage that was...hacked...or something.


Hell On Wheels' Common Pictures

We believe that whether he's rapping or acting in Hell on Wheels, hip-hop legend Common brings something special to everything he touches, which means that by definition, our behind-the-scenes Common photos must posses some of his unique energy. You should check 'em out and see if a portion of that specialness rubs off on you. Lately, people have been saying behind your back that you could stand to be a little more special. Don't kill the messenger.

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The Expendables Musical!

Posted July 30, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

There's only one way to make The Expendables 2 better than the first movie. WITH SINGING!

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Harper Gruzins is an 11-year-old who refers to herself as a "singer/songwriter." That, however, may be a classification that sent Francis Scott Key spinning in his grave after a performance of "his one-hit-wonder" this past weekend at a Major League Soccer game.

We might be inclined to give the vernal vocalist some leeway, due to nerves and other factors. (She still shows signs that she's better than other auto-tuned artists who sing about the days of the week.)

However, with this horrific performance, sporting events have once again provided the platform for the American National Anthem to be butchered like...meat...in some type of...butcher shop.

"It's gone. It's done."

Finally, someone has managed to condense the epic tale of The Lord of the Rings into a 99 second a capella performance!

Indeed, if you still have memories of trying to see the uber-long finale, The Return of the King in the theater after making the ill-advised choice of buying an extra-large soda, then this briefest of brief musical tales might put an extra-large smile on your face.

The late and mellowest of mellow artistes, Bob Ross is back...in the form of the auto-tuned remix.

Now, the euphoric trance that you'd be induced into while watching him contains the perfect melodic accompaniment that will make you as happy as all the trees he painted and the clouds that fluffed as much as his fro.

We're halfway through summer so make sure you enjoy the heat with these three new tracks for Free Beats. Click the link below to listen and download them online.

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Bohemian Rhapsody Kite Dancing

Posted July 25, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Any way the wind blows, watching this set of kites move in sync with one of the greatest songs of all time is a treat.

These folks at the Southern Oregon Kite Festival have done their granola-eating, flannel shirt-wearing brethren proud with this magnificent display of string control and timing.

Redneck Dubstep

Posted July 23, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

This guy is ready to drop the bass like it was some critter of unidentifiable species he shot in his backyard.

His broken turntables are held together with Dale Earnhardt stickers.

Don't think he's just pressing play on a computer. To him, a MacBook is just the manual for the truck he uses to drive his 12 kids to banjo practice.

Warning: Bad Language.

The audacity of this drunk hussy is remarkable.

Jumping up on stage and disrupting this artiste of gyrating cacophony would be like jumping up on stage and disrupting Pablo Picasso when he was busy pressing a couple buttons on a MacBook.

Great art must be nurtured, not molested with the stink of peach schnapps and desperation.

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