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In Your Pants

AOTS Wednesday, November 26

Posted November 26, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
Human Basketball, Turkey Pardon, Korean Popeyes Ad, Alien Squid, Cat Spank.
Chris Hardwick heads down to San Diego to field test the new 15.1 megapixel Canon EOS 50D Camera by taking shots of the San Diego Chargers during pre-game training. How does the flashy, high priced DSLR stack up? Find out in Gadget Pr0n.
in your pants
Anna David provides relationship saving advice for a gentleman who wants to get his new gal pal the perfect, non-committal gift for her birthday and another guy who is curious about having some fun with a dominatrix.
It's time for your pre-Thanksgiving news with the lovely Ms. Layla Kayleigh who's here to tell us about the potential for The Beatles on iTunes, a Tivo Mobile app that lets you set recordings on the go, and the shutdown of our favorite Viagra game.
The Blu-ray 'Hancock' DVD is now available and Alison Haislip got a chance to sit and chat with the heralded director of the film, Peter Berg.
Ms. Olivia Munn takes us through some more Black Friday deals that might come in handy if you're looking for a deal on a Rock Band 2 bundle, a cheap Blu-ray player, and a nice big ole HDTV for just $1,100.
In today's edition of What's Up With Japan, we take a look at the socially encouraged practices of drunken businessmen, a cat that's a train mascot, and the winner of this year's Wanko Soba noodle eating contest.
Kevin interviews David Sarno, staff writer at the Los Angeles Times and their technology blog, about the specifics of Abraham Briggs' suicide, which was broadcast live via webcam on Justin.tv.
Get exclusive access to the cast and crew and see firsthand what it takes to put on the daily hour-long braingasm that is Attack Of The Show.
Kevin Pereira was kind enough to shoot some behind the scenes video from yesterday's show using the iPhone Qik application that streams live video directly from your Jesus Phone.

Playboy's Miss November vs. Guitar Hero World Tour »

Like many videogamers in America, we were thrilled when we picked up the new issue of esteemed men’s mag Playboy and discovered that Miss November, the lovely Grace Kim, was not only a gamer but actually worked in the PR department of Activision and repped Guitar Hero for a spell before parting ways after snapping her nudie pics!

So we stuck Grace on Guitar Hero World Tour (Activision, multi-platform) and asked her to tell us what she thinks. Now, Grace ain’t necessarily a Guitar Hero pro per say, but she loves it and has played enough to think Rock Band is the better game (start ranting on the boards now)! Plus, she’s smokin’ HOT and really fun to look at as she rocks out. Seriously.

So enjoy this Playboy-tastic look at Guitar Hero World Tour courtesy of Grace Kim and try to keep it in your pants, boys!

X-Play Halloween Special: Part 3 of 3 »

Today is THE DAY, gamers!

Yes, it’s Halloween and you need to be scared out of your pants, don’t ya? Yes, you do. Well, there’s a werewolf on the loose in the X-Play studios and it’s about to get real bloody up this b*tch! No one is safe...especially Morgan and Adam!

Watch the final installment of X-Play's frightening 2007 Halloween Special and try not to have a heart attack. Please.

AOTS Thursday, September 18

Posted September 18, 2008 - By Eugene Morton
You know how we do here. We come from the streets...the virtual streets. So, we have to check out which blogs are out there representing the world of hip hop. Specifically, nerdcore. So, this edition of Blog Watch is here to help you stay on track.
Today's Kings of Dot Comedy focuses on two men who, together, make a one-man show, Pete and Brian. Sounds strange? Well, it is, but it's also funny, so you should check it out.
Today, we Attack the real status gadgets, when we take a look at a gold bike, a bronze edition of Lord Vader and the Emperor, a killer Terminator collectible, and an awesome dinosaur.
In today's Loop, staff writer for latimes.com, David Sarno discusses the decision by YouTube brass to pull the plug on all videos involving substance use, legal or not.
Layla Kayleigh reports on the latest news including stories about Microsoft's new celeb-heavy commercials, the return of Beacon on Facebook, the pricing of an upcoming Google Android phone and Amazon's new content delivery service, Cloud.
It's Around the Net time, people. Strap on your viral video watching goggles and leave those pants on the shelf. You won't need 'em here.

No Kirk In New Star Trek Flick

Posted September 11, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

If you’ve been waiting for the announcement that William Shatner's James T. Kirk would be making an appearance in the upcoming new Star Trek flick…er, don’t hold your breath.

According to a recent interview with Star Trek director J.J. Abrams, Shatner was written into the film for a cameo, but refused to agree to anything but a pivotal co-starring role so it was nixed.

“It was very tricky,” Abrams said. “We actually had written a scene with him in it that was a flashback kind of thing, but the truth is, it didn't quite feel right. The bigger thing was that he was very vocal that he didn't want to do a cameo. We tried desperately to put him in the movie, but he was making it very clear that he wanted the movie to focus on him significantly, which, frankly, he deserves. The truth is, the story that we were telling required a certain adherence to the Trek canon and consistency of storytelling. It's funny — a lot of the people who were proclaiming that he must be in this movie were the same people saying it must adhere to canon. Well, his character died on screen. Maybe a smarter group of filmmakers could have figured out how to resolve that.”

WTF? C’mon, Bill! This is likely your last shot to strap on those Kirt-pants and strut your stuff on the Enterprise!


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EA E3 '08 Press Conference Archive »

We're live-blogging EA's press conference. Waiting for word on what the largest videogame publisher on Earth is bringing our way.

Check it out under the "Read More" tag!

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Microsoft E3 '08 Press Conference Archive »

We're live-blogging the Microsoft press conference! Click the tag for a minute by minute account of the big announcements made and all the excitement.

The overall theme of the conference: Xbox seems to be trying very hard to position themselves as a company that supports the core gaming community (Fallout 3, Gears 2, FF XIII) while making new in-roads into the casual demographic. A lot of time was spent on initiatives that position the 360 as a family entertainment hub--whether it's a deal with Netflix or the new, Wii-like avatars and a big focuse on family friendly titles.

Read the point-by-point account under the cut.

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Every month Neal Tiles, G4's President, answers your questions about G4 submitted by you, our community of viewers and readers. Head on over to the Open Source page to submit your burning questions about G4.

Neal is here to answer all of your questions, and to prove to you that he puts his pants on exactly the same way that you do, except that his are better pants, and that he could conceivably hire someone to put them on for him. Ok, bad example. Let's move on.

There are, however, rules for Open Source, so listen up. First and foremost, no flaming. If you're disgruntled, put it nicely, and you'll have a much better shot of having your question answered. So, get that laundry list of questions ready, and let the answering begin.

Also, be sure to check Neal's previous posts to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.

Every week, Anna David answers your sex and romance questions in the safety and calm of our studios and she does a bang up job, but recently she decided to do something a bit different, something more raw and exciting. Rather than wait for you timid lambs to come to her with your sex questions, she decided to go to you.

Anna combed the streets of New York looking for curious souls with sex on the brain and she had no problem finding them. Indulge your voyeuristic side and allow yourself this one, lingering look into the hidden and erotic thought's of the Big Apple's most amorous and free spirited denizens.

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In Your Pants With Anna David

Posted May 19, 2008 - By Eugene Morton

Everyone's favorite pretty lady who talks about sexual issues is back! Anna David will be here live in the studio to answer your questions.

Here's what Anna David has to say about herself:

"Anna David has been on staff at Premiere and Parenting, was a fulltime freelancer at People, wrote a sex and relationship column for Razor, and has also been published in Details, Playboy, Cosmo, Maxim, Stuff, Redbook, Teen Vogue, The LA Times, Vanity Fair, Variety, People, Us Weekly, TV Guide,The New York Post, Tatler, Esquire UK, Movieline, LA Confidential, Vegas, and Ocean Drive, among many others.

She's a pop culture expert for The Today Show, appears regularly on Fox Reality Channel's Reality Remix, and has also been featured on ESPN's Cold Pizza, Fox's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, NBC's The Other Half, The Style Network's Modern Girl's Guide to Life, and a collection of shows on VH1 and E! Her first novel, Party Girl, is out now." Read on to see Anna's answers to today's questions.

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