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Star Trek 2 Casting Update: Peter Weller Joins, Is Del Toro Khan?

With the Star Trek sequel moving along nicely, the current of casting news have once again started to flow.

With the addition of Benicio Del Toro, we got what many speculated may be an iconic Trek villain. However, joining him in the cast, will be an iconic hero, in original Robocop (and to cult movie enthusiasts, Buckaroo Banzai,) Peter Weller.

However, the Del Toro news had been accompanied by a report that the Traffic and Sin City star would be inheriting the reigns from Ricardo Montalban to play the thawed, genetically-enhanced Khan Noonien Singh. -- Well, when director, J.J. Abrams was asked by HitFix to verify the rumor, he said unequivocally, "Not true."

So, what, then should we expect in the antagonists gallery from the Star Trek sequel?

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Men In Black III Teaser Poster Surfaces

Men In Black III is apparently still chugging along despite rumors of a disaster-plagued shoot, which at one point was taking place without even a script. The folks at Collider have uncovered a new teaser poster which assures us that Hollywood did not flash us with a neuralyzer in regards to the film's existence.

It's a pretty cool poster, but stare at this mess of a mosaic featuring Tommy Lee Jones' face too long and you're likely to end your day seizing on a hospital gurney.

Besides the return of Jones, Will Smith will be back as Agent J, along franchise newcomers, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, Alice Eve, and Jemaine Clement.

The film is set to hit theaters on May 25, 2012. Check out the full snapshot of this poster below.

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Save 'Community' Before It's Too Late!

This week, NBC announced their mid-season schedule, and AOTS favorite Community wasn't on it, which doesn't necessarily bode well for the show's future. It hasn't officially been canceled yet, so there's still time for you to voice your opinion to the powers-that-be in time to save the show for next Fall. First, you'll want to sign the petition to save the show, and, before you think to yourself that such things don't ever work, remember the plight of Jericho and Friday Night Lights, both of which were saved as a result of online petition.

And, just in case you need some inspiration to save the show, we've got a whole lot of reasons you might want to consider it, aside from the fact that it's one of the smartest and funniest shows on television, and possibly the very best of the dying breed of situation comedies out there today.

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German Safety Video Highlights!

Posted November 18, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

Remember that German safety video, "Klaus First Day At Work" that was featured on Around The Net this week? We found an even better version: a highlight reel of it's best parts. BLUT IST GUT!

The Avengers: New Character Banners

Posted November 17, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

The Avengers: New Character Banners

The Avengers continues to ride the wave caused by years of fan anticipation with the release of new character posters banners.

Captain America (Chris Evans), Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) grace the first set which hit Yahoo. (View Full Size Here)

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) are featured in the second set via Moviefone. (View Full Size Here)

For a film that once seemed like a surreal pipe dream, its May 4, 2012 release looms ever closer.

Kung Fu Knife Fight

Posted November 15, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Either these two are ardently committed West Side Story enthusiasts giving the heavy Beijing traffic a treat, or they're participating in a clandestine knife fight tournament featuring fighters from all over the world, battling for supremacy.

The police would render the epic bout a no-contest, giving the would-be winner's next opponent a free pass to the semi-finals.

Rick Perry's Debate Gaffe Explained

Posted November 11, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Warning: Some vulgar language.

It appears that Texas Governor, Rick Perry's already legendary cringe-inducing debate memory lapse was the result of an unlikely culprit in the iPhone 4S centerpiece feature, Siri.

She's had her first taste of power and now no candidate, Republican or Democrat is safe from her mischievous wrath!

Full House Intro Recreated By Couple

Posted November 10, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

When most couples subject their friends to vacation photos and videos, it's usually an awkwardly-boring situation.

Well, we can officially consider the Kaplans a rare exception. This stroke of genius has turned a San Francisco vacation into a tribute to the greatest sitcom to feature an OCD-afflicted single dad taking care of his children with the help of a failed rock singer and creepy guy who talks in cartoon voices....ever.

Celebrate 11/9! The Day of Awesome!

Posted November 9, 2011 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Celebrate 11/9! The Day of Awesome!

Every yin needs its yang to keep the universe in balance. As we have just reverentially celebrated the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, a somber, soul-searching occasion, it occurs to me that the world needs a super happy celebration of all the awesome things on Earth day to make up the difference. A sort of relentlessly positive occasion during which we revel in being alive and take stock of all of the things in life that cause us joy.

I call it 11/9, which is super convenient, because that happens to be today!

So, I took a quick straw poll around the G4 Interactive offices to see what people were going to celebrate on 11/9, the day of awesome, and this is what I came up with. Also, one of my favorite things is making up nicknames and job titles for people, so I'm going to be doing that here.

James "The 1%" Elkin - Master of X-Play Online - I like ice cream and apple pie, and air conditioning just ‘cause. I like photos of puppies in marine helmets, and cats driving tanks. I like Rocky and Rambo, and the parts of Team America that don’t seem French. I like Bourbon and branch, and shotgun serenades.  I like this Marlboro I’m lighting.  I like this photo:

Celebrate 11/9! The Day of Awesome!

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Candace Bailey Wears Sexy Lingerie, Pictures

Please, cease your cries for Candace Bailey lingerie pics! There's now a full gallery of photos featuring Candace Bailey in sexy, black lingerie for you to peruse. The squeaky wheel has gotten the oil, metaphorically speaking.

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