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Batgirl Demands Equal Pay!

Posted June 13, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

Every woman deserves equal pay for doing the same job as men...but maybe bringing this issue up while a bomb is about to go off is a bad time to do this. Unless she set the whole thing up herself. In that case, GENIUS!

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Boxing would be much more enjoyable to watch if it was all in stop-motion animation with action hero figurines. But that's just me.

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The Best Day Ever

Posted June 13, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

If you've got 24 hours to kill, do what this guy did. And then make an amazing video out of it. The end.

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You may know "Weird Al" Yankovic for his hilarious parody songs, but did you know he's also an experienced interviewee? We've got proof right here with his new show, Face to Face with Weird Al.

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Tonight On AOTS: Milo Ventimiglia From That's My Boy

On tonight's Attack of the Show, guest co-host Chris Hardwick returns with Candace Bailey and Milo Ventimiglia live in studio for his new comedy, That's My Boy. Jessica Chobot heads to Miami to join Team Puma on their Mar Mostro yacht for the Volvo Ocean Race and Weston Scott shares his favorite fitness gadgets for the summer.

But first, check out our clip featuring Milo with Andy Samberg from That's My Boy and tune in tonight 7/6c for the full interview!

That's My Boy "Are You A Soldier?" Sneak Peek »

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Batman & Batman Live!, Photos

Posted June 12, 2012 - By Eugene Morton

Batman & Batman Live!, Photos

As if having a major motion picture on the horizon with The Dark Knight Rises wasn't enough, Batman, or rather the Batmen had to go and reclaim TV for their own as well. Of course, it's the first time The Bats have ever tried to dominate the talk show scene, but if you can kick the butt of The Joker, The Scarecrow and Bane, you can do anything, we guess. Then again, much more suited hosts than them have vanished from the television landscape, so you'd better get an eyeful of the most dynamic duo via our behind-the-scenes Batman & Batman Live! pics while you can!

Vertical Video Syndrom PSA

Posted June 12, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

Did you know that Vertical Video Syndrome affects over 85% of the world? Please, let's all make an effort to turn our smartphones on the side while shooting video so we can put a stop to this epidemic.

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Captain America 2 Gets Directing Duo

The upcoming sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger now has its director...well, directors. The brother duo of Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have been tasked with Cap's second solo outing after the character's mega-successful outing in the destructive tour de force that was The Avengers.

The brothers Russo, who only bring a head-scratching resume of work on TV comedies like Community, Happy Endings, and Arrested Development were actually named as candidates for the job a few months ago. However, their chances were seemingly dismissed by speculators, with George Nolfi and F. Gary Gray looking to be the more likely choices among the list.

Nevertheless, the Russos obviously must have something special that they're bringing to the table in regards to the script. The brothers will now replace Joe Johnston as helmer in a film that will likely focus on the unfrozen hero's adjustment to modern times and bring us another one of his famous comic book nemeses.

Captain America 2 is set to toss its shield at theater audiences on April 4, 2014.


Photos Of Kevin Pereira's Last Day On AOTS

It's always hard to say goodbye, especially to someone like Kevin Pereira who's been the face of Attack of the Show for a decade. Still, you'll always have plenty to remember him by, including these exclusive photos of Kevin Pereira's final moments as host of AOTS. Take a look at the pictures, try not to cry (too much) and feel free to leave some comments and well wishes.

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FanimeCon 2012 Cosplay Pics

Posted May 26, 2012 - By Eugene Morton

Looking around the show floor of FanimeCon 2012, it's easy to forget that it's held in San Jose, because with all of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises themed costumes, it feels like it could just as easily be Avengers Tower or Gotham City. Then again, it could double for MIB headquarters from Men In Black 3, Oscorp from The Amazing Spider-Man, the spaceship Prometheus, or a million other Sci-Fi, comic book, and anime locales.

What we're saying is, FanimeCon is mind-blowing and what's more, AOTB's exclusive FanimeCon 2012 cosplay pictures will sweep you away to a land of nerd fantasy! So, please enjoy them and spread the word to your geek compatriots!

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