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Kevin Pereira & Candace Bailey Wear Sauna Pants, Pics

Kevin Pereira has a rich history of bragging about the steam heat generated in his pants, but we're a little surprised that Candace Bailey would decided to emulate the man by donning Sauna Pants. Don't worry, our incredulity didn't get in the way of us snapping photos of Candace Bailey and Kevin Pereira mincing about in said Sauna Pants. We would never leave you without hot Sauna Pants photos, ever.

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Adrianne Curry Tells You How to be Famous on Twitter »

If anyone knows how to increase their fame on Twitter, it's The Tester's Adrianne Curry. She's got more followers than your average gamer has thumb blisters. which is a lot. What's more, Adrianne Curry's not afraid to share her expert strategies for garnering a few more, or maybe even a few thousand more Twitter followers. Most of those strategies seem to involve posting racy pictures of yourself on the web, but hey, you can't argue with the results. So, if you want to go from a nobody on Twitter to a superstar, then it wouldn't hurt you to learn from a pro.

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The Tester 3's Adrianne Curry Pictures

If life were cruel, you'd have to choose between seeing another great season of The Tester on the PlayStation Network or getting to look at the brand new, Adrianne Curry pictures we've just posted on AOTB. Luckily, life's pretty sweet and you have the option of doing both! We suggest you take a look at the Adrianne Curry pics first, but don't let us push our personal preference on you.

What Would House of Lies' Ben Schwartz/ Clyde Oberholt Do? »

Perhaps it makes us bad people, but we viscerally enjoy Ben Schwartz's performance as Clyde Oberholt in House of Lies. There's something about the character's selfish, self-serving attitude that's incredibly entertaining. What's even more entertaining is our exclusive interview with Ben Schwartz where we asked him what Clyde Oberholt would do if he were stuck in a series of  insane situations. If you appreciate fast wit and Ben Schwartz's unique brand of humor, cheek it out!

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Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory Plays Jim or Sheldon »

We love Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper, the arrogant, yet delightful nerd on The Big Bang Theory, and being the weirdly obsessive types that we are, we've often wondered how much like his character Jim Parsons actually is. That's why we were overjoyed when Jim Parsons agreed to play a little game we came up with to help us divine the two. Now, we know exactly how much of the geek physicist occupies the soul of the Emmy winning actor, but if you want to know, you've got to watch this, the first and only installment of Jim or Sheldon!

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The Final Answer: Vampires Vs. Werewolves

We've seen it in films like the recently released Underworld: Awakening, we've watched it happen in the Twilight trilogy and now the war over which is better, vampires or werewolves, is going to be waged right here on Attack of the Blog. This nerdy conflict has been going on longer than the actual war between vampires and lycans and today, we're going to settle it! Two children of the night will enter the metaphorical ring, but only one will leave alive undead.

So, you're going with vampires?

Yep. It’s not even really a contest. Sure, werewolves are vicious and feral, but they have to do all their work on four legs, and can be undone by a simple silver bullet. Mythos varies on how to dispose of vampires, but at the very least it involves cutting their heads off and lighting them on fire. And even that hasn’t been proven to work. (See: Vampire Lestat, The) Also, vampires are sartorially splendid, and just sexier on the whole. In fact, they raise the general appeal of being undead, which is a miracle, considering they exist in the same class as zombies.

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Vanilla Ice Dishes Out Home Improvement advICE »

When you need home improvement tips, there's only one man you should turn to, and it's not Bob Vila, it's Vanilla Ice! The real estate mogul and star of The Vanilla Ice Project has all the answers and he didn't mind sharing a few with fans of Attack of the Blog. Will Vanilla Ice's sage construction advice help transform your current home improvement project from an utter mess into a complete success? Watch Vanilla advICE and find out!

Vanilla Ice is throwing a Twitter party and you're invited!
Make sure to tweet
@vanillaice this Saturday, January 21st at 8PM ET to celebrate the premiere of season two of The Vanilla Ice Project!

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Kevin Pereira & Candace Bailey Enjoy Electro Stimulation, Photos

Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey are no strangers to playing with electricity, but they really took their fondness for electro stimulation to new heights on today's AOTS. We knew that things were going to get a little crazy, so we made sure to take a bunch of pictures, partly because we found their electro-stunt to be an interesting demonstration of science, but mostly because we liked watching them flail about like crazy people. Embrace the side of you that digs schadenfreude and check out our exclusive Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey electro stimulation pics now.

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Candace Bailey & Sara Underwood Have A Pajama Pillow Fight, Pictures

When Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood fight with pillows, they really go for it. You wouldn't believe how aggressive it gets and that's why we took plenty of Candace Bailey, Sara Underwood Pajama Pillow Fight photos. Now, you can see for yourself why you never want to get in the middle of a goose down throwdown.

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Candace Bailey Looks Back at a Year on AOTS »

The wonderful and talented Candace Bailey takes a look back at her first year as the official host of Attack of the Show and talks about what it's been like doing live TV with Kevin Pereira, elaborates on how she formed a special bond with Sara Underwood, shares her favorite Attack moments, and discusses how AOTS has made her more open to new experiences. If you love Candace Bailey, and you know you do, you should take a look!

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