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A Chris Hardwick from the 70s takes us through the effects marijuana has on the human brain and body, you know if one was to ever partake hypothetically.

Why 420 Makes You Hungry »

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Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour

Posted April 20, 2009 - By TylerColfax
Amsterdam's liberal attitude toward drugs has created a subculture of coffeeshops and coffeeshop fans that chill out and eat magic treats or even blaze the cannabis without fearing the fuzz.

We'll meet Sissi Gil of Amnesia, Jason Den Enting, manager of DampKring, and Olaf Van Tulder who is the co-owner of the Green House Coffee Shop. Jealous much?

Amsterdam "Coffee" Shops »

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LA Dispensary Tour

Posted April 20, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

LA Dispensary Tour »

Marijuana has been decriminalized in California for quite a while now, which means its legal if you have a prescription, but where do you go and how to you shop your prescription around once you've got it? Alison went on a tour and here's what she saw. It might just make you want to pack up everything you own and move to the west coast.

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Chronic Con Advertisement

Posted April 20, 2009 - By TylerColfax

Good morning, 420ers!

Sometimes you find something on late night TV that's really worth showing the world. In this case, it's a little advertisement we snagged off our DVR from last night encouraging everyone who enjoys "marijuana cigarettes" to come to Chronic Con. I don't know though, something seems fishy about these guys.


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And there's plenty more AOTB 420 goodies to come all day so check back regular-like and don't miss today's AOTS 420 special.


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For the 2008 AOTS 420 special, Olivia donned a bikini and jumped 30 some feet off a cliff in Jamaica. It's one of our more popular videos and has little to do with 420, but whatever, it's evergreen, so that counts for something.


Cliff Diving with Olivia »


This Monday is 4/20, and G4 is locked and loaded with our annual 420 special, hosted this year by Kevin Pereira and Doug Benson. A part of that special will be a Loop 420 Edition, in which Kevin will discuss the legalization of marijuana with Judge Jim P. Gray, author of Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed...

For more information about the honorable Judge Gray, please check out his information at the following links.



This is the full, uncut version of that interview...which we hope you will watch and consider seriously, especially if you are one of our nation's lawmakers.


Judge Jim Gray's Case for Legalization - FULL Interview »


Attack of the Show's 420 Special starts at 7PM ET this Monday, followed by Dave Chapelle's Half-Baked, and Doug Benson's documentary Super High Me

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Kevin Pereira Talks 420 On KFWB

Posted April 16, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

Kevin Pereira Talks 420 On KFWBAOTS's own Kevin Pereira will be making an appearance on KFWB News (AM 980) today at 11:35 am and 1:35pm PT to talk about G4's 420 Special, dedicated to the much celebrated semi-holiday and the myths, politics and pop culture surrounding it.

Tune in or listen online at the official KFWB website. It's radio with no seeds and no stems, man.

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'AOTS' Tuesday, April 14

Posted April 14, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Kevin and Chris Gore are talking new and old DVD releases with wise words on Frank Miller's 'The Spirit' as well as 'Skins' Volume 2. Then it's on to a rapid fire attack of the best stoner movies to help prep you for 420.
They may be a total mystery to the opposite sex, but you've got to admit there's something important about interacting with a female human. That's why Ms. Olivia Munn has seen to it to reveal a little something about women to make them less mysterious.
We've got the Executive Director of the Webbie awards with us in the Loop to talk about this year's nominees and apparent trends in the vast realm of the internet. (echo)
Marijuana has been decriminalized in California for quite a while now, which means its legal if you have a prescription, but where do you go and how to you shop your prescription around once you've got it? Alison went on a tour and here's what she saw.
This week on Fresh Ink, Blair Butler's got breaking news from Image Comics you'll only see right here, and a countdown of three brand new graphic novels, including the comic book version of a Stephen King classic.
Kristin Adams is here with your Tuesday Feed, including stories about bandwidth capping and legalizing sexting in Vermont.
Mom Flip, Glenn Beck Pass Out, Earth Rocks, Rocket Sled Car Explosion, Redneck Rodeo.

Today's Video Classic takes us back exactly one year to April 2, 2008 when Kevin and Olivia were in Jamaica shooting last year's 420 Special. But, ever the present hosts, they were still saying hello to their fans and letting everyone know what was going to be on the show. Enjoy this prescient "hello" from the past.


Shout Out from the Hospital »


Tim Strube, Production AssistantAttack of the Staff - Tim Strube
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Position: Production Assistant Extraordinaire
Favorite Season: Baseball season
Least Favorite Nickname: Struberry Puberry

AOTB: What do you do on AOTS?
TS:  If I'm not busy dressing up in a latex gimp costume, a skin-tight gold leotard, or a furry costume, I’m providing constant support for the army of producers that make AOTS the amazing show that it is (and that includes the contractually-obligated back and foot rubs.) I basically consider myself the Swiss Army knife of AOTS.

AOTB: What is your favorite moment from the show?
TS:  Every time that we’re blessed with the presence of Ronnie Gayle Squirrelington, it’s a memorable moment in my book. He’s my hero.

AOTB: Do you have any passions outside of working at G4?
TS: I'm a total political junky & constantly hit the blogosphere to voice my opinions (i.e. rant about how much I despise Republicans); also an ardent activist for drug policy reform and loosely involved with a few policy reform organizations like NORML and the Drug Policy Alliance.  And no, “loosely involved” isn’t a code word for anything.

When it comes down to it, nothing beats long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and cuddling by the fireplace while listening to the smooth sounds of Yanni working at G4.

AOTB: Do you think Obama is going to "legalize" "it"?
TS: Well, even though he admits to inhaling (“that was the point,” he said) and voiced his support for decriminalization in 2004, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.  Sorry potheads but I think he’s got a couple more important things on his plate right now. But who knows? President Roosevelt ended the prohibition of alcohol in 1933 amidst a major financial crisis so anything could happen.

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