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Funny Bobble-Head Fail

Posted July 30, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

Weird, I thought only the heads on these moving figurines were supposed to bobble.

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Theater Doesn't Care About The Olympics

Apparently, there's other things to do in London right now besides braving a sea of people in a giant stadium to watch people you've never heard of compete in sports that you don't normally give two craps about.

Instead of waddling through lines amongst the Olympic crowd, why not waddle yourselves into a theater to see the finest example of quality cinematic drama like...The Room?

You are tearing London apart, Olympics!


Harper Gruzins is an 11-year-old who refers to herself as a "singer/songwriter." That, however, may be a classification that sent Francis Scott Key spinning in his grave after a performance of "his one-hit-wonder" this past weekend at a Major League Soccer game.

We might be inclined to give the vernal vocalist some leeway, due to nerves and other factors. (She still shows signs that she's better than other auto-tuned artists who sing about the days of the week.)

However, with this horrific performance, sporting events have once again provided the platform for the American National Anthem to be butchered like...meat...in some type of...butcher shop.

It turns out the viral sensation of a warm-up performance from hot, hip-shaking hurdler from Down Under, Michelle Jenneke was actually the most subtle of all the participants in that race. Because of that, the sexpot shot past her fellow competitors who were still engaged in their ostentatious overtures of showboating.

The lesson learned, is that sometimes, winners are just the least suckiest of the sucky.

The Best Hurdle Warm-Up Ever

Posted July 25, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

See? As Australian hurdler, Michelle Jenneke, proves, competition and sports can be fun! Energizing! Full of dance! Let's do this!

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Candace Bailey Storms The Beach With A WaveJet Surfboard, Pictures

We've seen Candace Bailey do practically everything, but we've never seen her shred waves like she did with a WaveJet-ready surfboard under her feet! It was truly a sight to behold, just ask the beach full of stunned surf-junkies that stared on in awe while she schooled it like Kelly Slater, or better yet, take a look at our Candace Bailey WaveJet Surfoboard photos and do some staring-in-awe yourself.

Tonight On AOTS: Michael Dorn & Marina Sirtis On Star Trek: TNG Blu-Ray & WaveJet Surfing!

Calling all Star Trek fans! Tonight on Attack of the Show, Matt Mira and Grace Helbig welcome Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis in studio to celebrate the Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation season one! Candace Bailey also hits the beach with the WaveJet surfboards and Chris Gore stops by for this week's DVDuesday reviews on Childrens Hospital, Get The Gringo and more. Plus, find out which apps you should download for the upcoming Summer Olympics!

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"What's all that racket behind me?

I'd turn around and look, but that would require moving all the f**ks that I've already committed to eating my breakfast towards something else. Frankly, I'm just not up for that.

I'm sure it's a nice flaming stick."

So, Michelle Jenneke, is some kind of Olympic...athlete...person who the Internet has gotten to know by way of an already-iconic clip of her hot pre-hurdle warm-up.

Now, with the magic of a video editor, this lucky guy has put himself in the prime position to witness...THIS in all its tight-bodied glory.

The quick-thinking fake bystander even takes a posterior photo for posterity, which, due its fictitious nature, will unfortunately never hit the Internet.

They're Better Than Fakes Of Fakes

If you're going to get yourself a fake Rolex, then why not get a GENUINE fake?

Sure, the sucker will be crawling with green stuff by the end of the day, but it's better than those knockoffs of the fakes, which are just plastic dollar store watches painted silver, sporting the word "Rolex" written with a Sharpie.


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