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Iron Man 3 Concept Art Reveals Plot Point?

Iron Man 3 is already kicking into high gear, as we've already seen from the first set photo last month. However, Entertainment Weekly, who has already provided new Hobbit photos today, have also unveiled a new piece of concept art for Robert Downey Jr.'s next tenure in his palladium-powered suit.

The picture appears to depict a surprised Tony Stark under attack as pieces of his armor seemingly fly onto his body, unbeknownst even to him. This, of course, plays into the widely-known bit of info that the film will adapt parts of the "Extremis" comic book storyline in which Stark becomes bonded with his suit, operated by his sheer will with the help of nanotechnology. (I guess he can toss the wrist remote control.)

If you happen to be at Comic-Con in San Diego next week, then you may want to know that Marvel Studios will apparently be giving out posters of this very picture.

Iron Man 3 directed by Shane Black hits theaters on May 3, 2013.


The Hobbit Releases 10 New Photos
"The Amazing Spider-Man?...Just no."

It was a film that once felt like a mere pipe-dream that was countless years away, but now, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey kicks-off the two-film epic in just five months on December 14.

In the meantime, Entertainment Weekly has provided 10 stunning new photos that give us a sneak peak at the film, all full of imagery that will ring familiar to anyone who's read the book or even saw the 1977 animated film.

Check out the rest of the photos below and get your appetite whetted for your impending return to Middle Earth!

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Whenever we think about Anime Expo, our thoughts are filled with images of cosplayers dressed as characters from great anime series like Dragon Ball Z, thrilling movies like The Dark Knight Rises, cool video games like Team Fortress 2, and classic comics like Spider-Man and The Avengers. Anime Expo is one of the most fascinating, geek-oriented events in the world and we're super excited that it's back, and you should be too, because of Anime Expo cosplay pics! 

Wade through our vast sea of photos featuring costumed fanatics and scantily clad vixens and marvel as your happiness levels increase tenfold!

Anime Expo 2012 Anime Manga Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Comic Book Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Movies TV Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Video Game Cosplay Pictures

Remember when Sara Underwood cosplayed at Anime Expo 2011 as the curvaceous emerald-locked Lum the Invader from the manga series, Urusei Yatsura? We do. You can too.

More? You need more cosplay? You're tough to satisfy. Ok, go check out our pics from the very recent AM2 Convention.

Batman & Batman Live Behind The Scenes -- Now With Relationship Advice!

What happens when Batman and Batman co-host their own daytime talk show? Well, when you throw in a relationship expert into the mix, things don't always go so well. But hey, at least we got some behind the scenes photos for your enjoyment! Check it out.

Nailed It!: Lady Gaga Fan Art

Posted June 22, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Nailed It!: Lady Gaga Fan Art

On the left is a photo of Lady Gaga. On the right is a drawing of some kind of bizarre, snarling creature that, upon encountering it in the wild, makes you want to "po-po-po-poke her face" with a stick to get her the hell away from you.

That "little monster" looks like it eats baby brains for breakfast.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's Erin Wasson Pics

If the awesome and fun Erin Wasson really had fangs like her evil counterpart in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, would you, as a fan be able to look past them, and if you did, do you think you'd see our behind-the-scenes Erin Wasson photos off in the distance? We hope so, because they're great!


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Weston Scott Wields Movie Weapons From The Avengers & More, Pictures

Do you know why Weston Scott is cooler than the rest of us? It's because he got to get his hands on weapons from this year's biggest movies, like The Avengers, Looper, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Expendables 2 and Battleship. Sadly, we can't all be as well-connected or as bad-ass as he is, but we can all look at pics of Weston Scott with movie guns and daydream that we're him.

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Young Justice's Danica McKellar Pics

Who's cooler, Danica McKellar or Miss Martian, the green-skinned shape shifter that she plays on Young Justice? Trick question. They're both equally awesome! Sure, Miss Martian can fly and phase through solid objects, but there's no way you can look at see her studio interview and our behind-the-scenes Danica McKellar photos and not be wowed. Beautiful, smart, sometimes-alien, plus she's an author of a series of math-teaching, self-confidence-boosting books for young women...the latest of which is titled Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape. Get more info on Danica, her books and more at DanicaMcKellar.com!

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Batman & Batman Live!, Photos

Posted June 12, 2012 - By Eugene Morton

Batman & Batman Live!, Photos

As if having a major motion picture on the horizon with The Dark Knight Rises wasn't enough, Batman, or rather the Batmen had to go and reclaim TV for their own as well. Of course, it's the first time The Bats have ever tried to dominate the talk show scene, but if you can kick the butt of The Joker, The Scarecrow and Bane, you can do anything, we guess. Then again, much more suited hosts than them have vanished from the television landscape, so you'd better get an eyeful of the most dynamic duo via our behind-the-scenes Batman & Batman Live! pics while you can!

You'll Be Sore After Riding His Shuttle

I guess he'll be snapping some photos of it in the john so that he can "accidentally" have them leaked on the Internet.

If that's the way he wants to get attention in the competitive world of rental car shuttle bus driving, then so be it.


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