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Fresh Ink Online: Star Wars vs Star Trek Showdown! »

As host Blair Butler slaves away at E3 for the ol’ TV network side of things, guest hosts Jenna Busch of Cocktails With Stan (Lee) and Tory Mell of Roddenberry Productions (dig his web series whiteroom02b3) step up to the plate to fill in. This week enjoy reviews of Rocketeer Adventures, America’s Got Powers, Fables, Batman, Star Wars Blood Ties: Boba Fett Is Dead, The Walking Dead, and Star Trek The Next Generation: Dr. Who. Enjoy!

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Kevin Pereira's Final Attack Of The Show Tonight 7/6c!

The day has come. After 10 years, tonight will be Kevin Pereira's final episode co-hosting Attack of the Show. And of course he's wrapping his G4 career up with a bang! Tune in as he and Candace Bailey take a look back at his finest moments in studio (sauna pants, anyone?), his last celebrity interview with Joe Rogan, a message from his past guest co-hosts like Jessica Chobot and Grace Helbig--as well as a special tribute from DJ Mike Relm. This is one episode you do NOT want to miss out on. Tune in tonight 7/6c and help us bid Kevin farewell from AOTS!

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Jerry Springer Interviews AOTS's Kevin Pereira, Pictures

We always knew that one day Kevin Pereira would be forced to have a sit down chat with Jerry Springer, but we always thought it would be on the set of The Jerry Springer Show. So stunned were we that their conversation didn't take place in front of a crowd of noisy, opinionated yahoos that we had to take photos of Jerry Springer and Kevin Pereira on the AOTS set to serve as evidence of such an odd occurrence. Check 'em out! We bet you won't even be able to believe your eyes.

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Tonight On AOTS: Jerry Springer Interviews Kevin Pereira & Titmouse Studios Visit

The final countdown to Kevin Pereira's final Attack of the Show begins tonight with special guest Jerry Springer turning the tables and interviewing our longtime co-host about his career at G4, the evolution of AOTS and where the future will take him next. Candace Bailey also visits the Titmouse animation super studio for a behind the scenes look at their work on Community, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Disney's Motor City. Chris Gore is back with more DVDuesday reviews so tune in tonight 7/6c!

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Piranha 3DD's Danielle Panabaker Pictures

Like you, we can't wait to watch Danielle Panabaker fight killer fish while sporting a bikini in Piranha 3DD and, like you, it pains us that we won't be able to see Piranha 3DD for another two days. Luckily, we have just the thing to make the wait more bearable, a full gallery of Danielle Panabaker pics! If you've got Piranha 3DD-related anxiety, you simply must see them now!

Men In Black III's Alice Eve Photos

The producers of Men in Black III sure knew what they were doing when they cast the lovely and talented Alice Eve in their movie. Most nerds go absolutely crazy whenever she's on the silver screen. We wonder if the same is true of the small screen… Hey, you're a nerd, right? Check out these behind-the-scenes Alice Eve pics and let us know if you have the same reaction as your brethren.

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This security guard in Iraq seems to be getting a "surge" of his own from his frisking methods. His job is to make sure that this get-together is safe from butt-bombers and ensuring that the guests are effectively working their glutes.

While he might seem like a seedy character, he abides by a strict "no molestations of people under age 12" rule that has served him well in his job.

Dog's Version Of Roofing

Posted May 22, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

"Hey, f**k off, Ivan. I have a bad back and this helps keep it in traction. If you have a better idea, then please, be my guest and step-up to the plate.

Isn't there an oil drum full of vodka calling your name somewhere?

Tenacious D Brings The Thunder On AOTS, Pics

Nothing compares to having your mind blown by Tenacious D in person (especially when they show a new video for their album, Rize of the Fenix), but getting to see stellar photos of a classic Tenacious D appearance is still pretty cool. So, show your friends and fellow music snobs how cool you are and check out AOTB's Tenacious D pics immediately… or don't and have everyone think you're lame!

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Patton Oswalt Makes Mirth On AOTS, Pics

For our money, there are very few standups that parallel the genius of Patton Oswalt, which is why it was our supreme pleasure to capture candids of the comic maestro during his appearance on Attack of the Show. Just look at our behind-the-scenes Patton Oswalt photos! Even in stills, his comedy seeps through!

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