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Why Would You Sell That At A Book Show?

When will pretentious pseudo-intellectuals realize that adding Latin prepositions to standard English sentences is a disaster just waiting to happen?

Now, this book exhibition is going to get disrupted when the reality show, American Sperm Pickers drops by looking for bargains.


Daredevil Reboot Loses Director, Fantastic Four Gets One

It looks like things got shook up at 20th Century Fox's brand of Marvel comic book movies. The upcoming reboot of Daredevil has apparently lost director, David Slade. However, one of Fox's other reboot projects, Fantastic Four has gained some ground by scoring director, Josh Trank.

Most fans are likely in the mindset of hoping that all of Marvel Comics' film properties can be corralled back under the unifying Marvel Studios banner, so that quality can be improved and crossover potential with the other films would be available. However, as we've recently seen with the rather quick reboot effort of The Amazing Spider-Man over at Sony, the studios seem to be moving forward with these projects to not only anchor the film rights, but strike while the comic book iron is hot with The Avengers making ungodly box-office grosses and The Dark Knight Rises also looking to do the same starting next week.

Where do projects like Daredevil and Fantastic Four lie in the equation?

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The Hobbit Releases Amazing Banner Poster

Just after releasing a new set of photos and an epic promo poster, more images from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey keep coming. This time, however, it comes in the form of this amazing panoramic banner poster, depicting key moments in the film.

The poster reveals a vast array of the film's indelible moments from the initial meeting of Gandalf and Bilbo, the formation of the group to retake the kingdom under the mountain, the lurking trolls ready to turn them into supper, Bilbo's fateful encounter with Gollum, trouble with warg wolves, and even what may be our very first glimpse of the giant-humanoid/bear-shape-shifting warrior, Beorn.

Check out the full poster in all its gigantic scrolling glory at Entertainment Weekly.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey rides to theaters on barrels on December 14.

The Hobbit Releases New Poster

On the heels of Comic-Con, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has released an impressive new promo poster that's enough to raise the heart-rates of nerdkind everywhere.

After having seen a brand new set of photos last week, this poster, while not revealing anything that we don't know, is effective in its ability to depict the iconic imagery of Gandalf walking into the grandiose, peaceful, idyllic countryside of the Shire. He'll soon be sending Bilbo Baggins on the defining experience of his life, full of goblins, Gollum, giant spiders, trolls, and a talking, ornery fire-breathing freaking dragon!

You don't have to be a Baggins, Brandybuck, or Took to check out the full poster below.

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This Parenting Strategy Makes Sense

Sure, you mitigate the risk of killing your baby when you go the Teddy Bear route, but a real bear would teach the child how to scavenge for honey and picnic baskets...and also karate.

The Teddy Bear on the other hand, just sits there, not even making any one-liners like that one movie where Family Guy is Marky Mark's Teddy Bear.


Iron Man 3 Concept Art Reveals Plot Point?

Iron Man 3 is already kicking into high gear, as we've already seen from the first set photo last month. However, Entertainment Weekly, who has already provided new Hobbit photos today, have also unveiled a new piece of concept art for Robert Downey Jr.'s next tenure in his palladium-powered suit.

The picture appears to depict a surprised Tony Stark under attack as pieces of his armor seemingly fly onto his body, unbeknownst even to him. This, of course, plays into the widely-known bit of info that the film will adapt parts of the "Extremis" comic book storyline in which Stark becomes bonded with his suit, operated by his sheer will with the help of nanotechnology. (I guess he can toss the wrist remote control.)

If you happen to be at Comic-Con in San Diego next week, then you may want to know that Marvel Studios will apparently be giving out posters of this very picture.

Iron Man 3 directed by Shane Black hits theaters on May 3, 2013.


The Hobbit Releases 10 New Photos
"The Amazing Spider-Man?...Just no."

It was a film that once felt like a mere pipe-dream that was countless years away, but now, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey kicks-off the two-film epic in just five months on December 14.

In the meantime, Entertainment Weekly has provided 10 stunning new photos that give us a sneak peak at the film, all full of imagery that will ring familiar to anyone who's read the book or even saw the 1977 animated film.

Check out the rest of the photos below and get your appetite whetted for your impending return to Middle Earth!

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Tonight On AOTS: Paul Scheer Co-Hosts & Adam Carolla Returns!

Monday's are never good, unless you take into consideration that a brand new Attack of the Show airs tonight. Starting at 7/6c, Paul Scheer kicks off his week of co-hosting duties with Candace Bailey, where they'll talk to comedian Adam Carolla about his new book, Not Taco Bell Material. Tiffany Smith also chats with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man and our friends from the Totally Rad show and the Upright Citizens Brigade tell you what to watch right now!

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Whenever we think about Anime Expo, our thoughts are filled with images of cosplayers dressed as characters from great anime series like Dragon Ball Z, thrilling movies like The Dark Knight Rises, cool video games like Team Fortress 2, and classic comics like Spider-Man and The Avengers. Anime Expo is one of the most fascinating, geek-oriented events in the world and we're super excited that it's back, and you should be too, because of Anime Expo cosplay pics! 

Wade through our vast sea of photos featuring costumed fanatics and scantily clad vixens and marvel as your happiness levels increase tenfold!

Anime Expo 2012 Anime Manga Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Comic Book Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Movies TV Cosplay PicturesAnime Expo 2012 Video Game Cosplay Pictures

Remember when Sara Underwood cosplayed at Anime Expo 2011 as the curvaceous emerald-locked Lum the Invader from the manga series, Urusei Yatsura? We do. You can too.

More? You need more cosplay? You're tough to satisfy. Ok, go check out our pics from the very recent AM2 Convention.

As Gary Oldman gets ready to wow us again as Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises next month, he's also taken the time for this bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about a serious issue plaguing the entertainment industry: Acting Athletes.

The film resume of Shaquille O'Neal alone is enough evidence to support Mr. Oldman's point here. Let's keep athletes out of acting.

Do it for the children so that, unlike us, they won't have to sit through another comic book movie debacle like Steel.

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