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AOTS Classic

AOTS 420: Yongsterdam »

Back in 2008, Dominic Cramer gave us a tour of Yongsterdam, a street that features a whole row of shops that sell only marijuana and marijuana accessories in Toronto, Canada. I hope it's still not snowing there.

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Why 420 Makes You Hungry »

420 isn't all about fun. It's also about science. Watch Chris Hardwick explain why a certain day every April can give you the munchies. Now go get yourself some breakfast.

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AOTS 420: High Times Magazine »

Have you ever wondered, "Who makes High Times" and "What's it like to work there?" Of course you have. Well, wonder no longer, because we've got the answers. Put whatever you're smoking in the ash trey, click on the above video and take a guided tour of Smoker Heaven, the High Times offices.

AOTS 420: Hidden Pot Farm »

Thanks to a shaky economy, pot is on its way to becoming 100% legal in America and not just for medicinal purposes. Oddly, it's still very much illegal in Jamaica, which makes Kevin's tour of an illegal pot farm as interesting as it is ironic.

AOTS 420: Gadget Pr0n: Pipes and Vaporizers »

Gadget Pr0n doesn't always have to be about technology. Back in 2008, Chris Hardwick met up with Doug Benson for his review on the top 420 accessories.

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420: Fresh Ink Online with Doug Benson »

Mix a comedian and Fresh Ink together, and hilarity ensues. Check out what happened when Doug Benson took over Blair Butler's spot last year on 420.

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Hey, everyone, hope your 4/20 is going well, and we hope you've stocked up on the proper supplies and given yourself enough time and headspace to enjoy the holiday.

In an effort to celebrate, we present this 420 video classic tour of the Illadelph Glass Factory in Los Angeles, a subsidiary of a Philadelphia-based company, and a repository of some of the great waterpipes of our time. Check out the gear, jah? And don't forget to tune in to tonights 420 Hawaii special on Attack of the Show, at 7PM ET!

420 Exclusive: Inside Illadelph Glass Gallery »

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Hey, folks, it’s 4:20 somewhere, right? I mean, the date is 4/20, but the time changes relative to where you are, which means that we could totally be having this discussion right now in another place, but would it really be us?

To celebrate the day, and our special 420 coverage, check out this video of Kevin and Olivia visiting a mushroom tea house in Jamaica from 2008's 420 Special, and, don’t forget to tune in tonight for 420 in Hawaii, hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn, kicking off at 7PM ET!


AOTS 420: A Spot Of Mushroom Tea »

Long associated with the 420 holiday, the Marley family have been putting positive, peaceful vibrations into the world for a long, long time. Back in 2006, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Ziggy Marley, play a little Madden 2006, and talk about the nature of love.

Also, he kicked my ass at Madden.


Interview With Ziggy Marley »

Cottage Cheese Thighs »

Many of you know that Kevin loves to play the drums (he's jammed with Coheed & Cambria and more recently, laid down some percussion for Parry Gripp's "Girl at the Video Game Store"), but how many of you remember Kevin's career as hip hop iconoclast, K-Per? Though he's long abandoned the rap game, it's time for a little reminder about why, for a long time, Kevin's name was vaunted alongside rap greats like Vanilla Ice and MC Skat Kat.

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