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Star Trek: The Next Generation's Marina Sirtis & Michael Dorn Photos

Holodecks won't be invented for another 139 years, but you can still relive the appearance of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Commander Worf) and Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi) the old fashioned way, with Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis pics!

Unfortunately, the pictures won't interact with you like the holograms in that Star Trek: TNG episode, "Ship in a Bottle," but they're still nerd-awesome! Take a minute to browse through them on your data PADD (or perhaps iPad, if you're stuck with primitive, 21st century technology).

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Candace Bailey Storms The Beach With A WaveJet Surfboard, Pictures

We've seen Candace Bailey do practically everything, but we've never seen her shred waves like she did with a WaveJet-ready surfboard under her feet! It was truly a sight to behold, just ask the beach full of stunned surf-junkies that stared on in awe while she schooled it like Kelly Slater, or better yet, take a look at our Candace Bailey WaveJet Surfoboard photos and do some staring-in-awe yourself.

That has to be the most self-satisfied baby alpaca I've ever seen.

I bet he's nervously paging through those photos because he lost track of a couple "junk shots" and now he's desperate to track them down before they hit the Interwebs.

Bacon Likes To Vanish

Posted July 24, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Bacon Likes To Vanish

Usually, the front of the package displays the product in its best, freshest, most plentiful form.

If that idea hold true, then this doesn't really bode well for the air/bacon ratio in this bag.

But, then again, this could just be the shy variety of bacon bits that are exclusively sold at Costco.


So, Michelle Jenneke, is some kind of Olympic...athlete...person who the Internet has gotten to know by way of an already-iconic clip of her hot pre-hurdle warm-up.

Now, with the magic of a video editor, this lucky guy has put himself in the prime position to witness...THIS in all its tight-bodied glory.

The quick-thinking fake bystander even takes a posterior photo for posterity, which, due its fictitious nature, will unfortunately never hit the Internet.

Killer Joe & The Dark Knight Rises' Juno Temple Photos

Between Killer Joe and The Dark Knight Rises, you'll be seeing a lot of Juno Temple this summer, and one of the most prominent places you'll spot her is in our spectacular gallery of Juno Temple pics! Yep, we dared to say it, they're spectacular and oh so click-worthy. Put that mouse of yours to good use and check 'em out!

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The Hobbit Releases Amazing Banner Poster

Just after releasing a new set of photos and an epic promo poster, more images from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey keep coming. This time, however, it comes in the form of this amazing panoramic banner poster, depicting key moments in the film.

The poster reveals a vast array of the film's indelible moments from the initial meeting of Gandalf and Bilbo, the formation of the group to retake the kingdom under the mountain, the lurking trolls ready to turn them into supper, Bilbo's fateful encounter with Gollum, trouble with warg wolves, and even what may be our very first glimpse of the giant-humanoid/bear-shape-shifting warrior, Beorn.

Check out the full poster in all its gigantic scrolling glory at Entertainment Weekly.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey rides to theaters on barrels on December 14.

The Hobbit Releases New Poster

On the heels of Comic-Con, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has released an impressive new promo poster that's enough to raise the heart-rates of nerdkind everywhere.

After having seen a brand new set of photos last week, this poster, while not revealing anything that we don't know, is effective in its ability to depict the iconic imagery of Gandalf walking into the grandiose, peaceful, idyllic countryside of the Shire. He'll soon be sending Bilbo Baggins on the defining experience of his life, full of goblins, Gollum, giant spiders, trolls, and a talking, ornery fire-breathing freaking dragon!

You don't have to be a Baggins, Brandybuck, or Took to check out the full poster below.

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Biker Eats Some Pavement

Posted July 5, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

This guy bought the bike either to feel closer to the roads on which he travels or as a home dentistry kit that commutes.

Of course, this failed front-wheelie attempt might just be practice for a bike-racing technique to gain the upper-hand in photo finishes.

Candace Bailey Rally Races With Bucky Lasek, Pics

If you auto-fanatics got a kick out of seeing Candace Bailey strap in to a Subaru with rally racer Bucky Lasek, then our Candace Bailey rally race photos will absolutely thrill you! They're a must see for any gearhead and even those of you who have rides that can barely outrace Power Wheels. So, go look at our Candace Bailey rally race photos now!

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