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Kevin Pereira

Jessica Chobot Co-Hosts AOTS, Pictures

Jessica Chobot doesn't just spend her free time destroying things in slow motion, sometimes she also hosts Attack of the Show and whenever that happens, like clockwork, we frantically assemble a full gallery of Jessica Chobot pics for you to gaze at in awe. Check out the link to the Jessica Chobot photo gallery below and let the awe-gazing commence!

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Kevin Pereira's Halloween 2011 Behind-the-Scenes »

You already know that Halloween on AOTS was spectacular because of the killer costumes donned by Kevin Pereira and Sara Underwood. What you may not know is how long it took to perfect Kevin Pereira's zombie Terminator outfit. Well, you're about to find out as AOTB presents a behind-the-scenes look at the grueling process of turning Kevin Pereira into a walking, cyborg death machine. We hope you appreciate what that man does every day for your amusement!

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Pictures Of Kevin Pereira & Sara Underwood's Halloween Costumes

You may think that you have the coolest Halloween costume on the block, but no matter what you're dressing up as tonight, it won't be as cool as Kevin Pereira's zombie Terminator or Sara Underwood's Leeloo from The Fifth Element. Sure, you'll look back on the wild and crazy pictures you take tonight and think you had the bomb cosplay duds, but we dare you to compare your photos to the Kevin Pereira and Sara Underwood Halloween costume pics on AOTB and not burn your sub-par costume in shame.

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Weird Al, Kevin Pereira & Sara Underwood Swede UHF, Photos

Kevin Pereira's plan to recreate Weird Al's UHF is working! First, he got Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood to oatmeal wrestle and today, he got The Weird One himself to reenact one of UHF's most pivotal scenes with Sara Underwood. It was a super cool AOTS moment and we have some super cool UHF Weird Al and Sara Underwood pics to go along with it. You gotta see these photos! They'll totally remind you how great life is sometimes.

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Grace Helbig's AOTS Photo Album

Posted October 26, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Grace Helbig's AOTS Photo Album

Unlike Grace Helbig's AOTS scrap book, most photo albums aren't filled with pictures of violence and gore, but then most photo albums kind of suck. That can't be said of Grace Helbig's personal AOTS photo stash. Those pictures are amazing, and more than a little disturbing, but totally worth a look, if you're not afraid of a little plasma.

Jonah Hill Of Allen Gregory Pics

Posted October 24, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Jonah Hill Of Allen Gregory Pics

It's not every day that one of Hollywood's funniest men swings by AOTS, so we were delighted to welcome Jonah Hill on today's show. We can't wait for his new, animated program, Allen Gregory and we hope that you can't wait to see our behind-the-scenes Jonah Hill photos. They're pretty freakin' sweet!

Jonah Hill Talks New Animated Series Allen Gregory »

Candace Bailey Dates Kevin Pereira's Dad, Photos

Kevin Pereira's father, Elder Pereira is one smooth operator. How smooth? Well, he got to go out on a date with Candace Bailey, didn't he? Now, all of you jealous types could hate the player, but we encourage you instead to study the pictures of Elder Pereira's date with Candace Bailey. That way, you'll learn how to be as boss a pimp as he is. That's the only way you'll really get the attention you've been craving from the opposite sex, playboy.


Candace Bailey's Date with Kevin Pereira's Dad »


Terra Nova's Allison Miller Pictures

We're not sure that we could live in a world filled with carnivorous dinosaurs, but we would consider it if Terra Nova's Allison Miller lived there too. Look at our new, Allison Miller pics and tell us you wouldn't at least think about being stranded with her in pre-history.

Allison Miller Talks Terra Nova »

Candace Bailey & Sara Underwood Wrestle In Oatmeal, Pics

The oatmeal wrestling match between Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood is perhaps the greatest thing that has ever happened. We predict that years from now, scholars will talk about how the sexy tussle changed the course of human history and your children will see pictures of Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood oatmeal wrestling in their high school text books. Thankfully, you don't have to wait till then to see the pics, because we've got Candace Bailey, Sara Underwood oatmeal wrestling pictures right here on AOTB! Take a gander and remember that you have work tomorrow, so you can only spend about twelve hours or so looking at them.

Candace & Sara Wrestle in Oatmeal »


Pics of Gillian Jacobs from Community

Gillian Jacobs, the blonde spitfire on Community is one of our favorite guests ever and whenever she makes an appearance on AOTS we take a few moments to do two things; bask in her greatness and snap some Gillian Jacobs pictures. Maybe you didn't need to know about the first thing, but we had to tell you about the second, because if we didn't, you'd miss out on the most recent batch of captivating Gillian Jacobs photos and that's just no good.

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