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Super Golden Friends

Posted July 10, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Clearly, fighting crime with the Super Friends could only last so long and the ultimate betrayal would come when Wendy & Marvin, along with the Wonder Twins finally had the oldies put into a retirement community in Miami, where they still engage in coquettish banter and act sassy and stuff.

In the subsequent years, Aquaman would finally achieve an ironic, "omg he's old, but he says the wackiest things" kind of fame, even guest-hosting Saturday Night Live after waging a Twitter campaign.

What better way could there be to introduce the show chronicling the lives of British aristocrats in the early 20th century than by borrowing the theme song from Martin?

It's certainly apropos since this episode would have Sheneneh gettin' up in the Earl of Grantham's face, a guest appearance from the girls of En Vogue, and Boyz II Men would cap it all off with a sick a capella rendition of Motownphilly.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's Erin Wasson Pics

If the awesome and fun Erin Wasson really had fangs like her evil counterpart in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, would you, as a fan be able to look past them, and if you did, do you think you'd see our behind-the-scenes Erin Wasson photos off in the distance? We hope so, because they're great!


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Young Justice's Danica McKellar Pics

Who's cooler, Danica McKellar or Miss Martian, the green-skinned shape shifter that she plays on Young Justice? Trick question. They're both equally awesome! Sure, Miss Martian can fly and phase through solid objects, but there's no way you can look at see her studio interview and our behind-the-scenes Danica McKellar photos and not be wowed. Beautiful, smart, sometimes-alien, plus she's an author of a series of math-teaching, self-confidence-boosting books for young women...the latest of which is titled Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape. Get more info on Danica, her books and more at DanicaMcKellar.com!

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