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This Might Be A Knockoff

Posted September 6, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

This Might Be A Knockoff

...Or, maybe Samsung has decided to try a dyslexia angle in hopes of using sympathy to ward-off any future lawsuits from Apple.

Vastly-cheaper and running the ever-reliable "Cydroid" operating system, there's no reason to shell out the big bucks for a Galaxy, let alone an iPhone.


Tonight On AOTS: Michael Ian Black, Wilfred's Jason Gann & Falcon Northwest Tiki Review!

Michael Ian Black and Candace Bailey host a new Attack of the Show tonight with Jason Gann from Wilfred live in studio to talk about the show's second season. Matt Mira will review the Falcon Northwest Tiki gaming PC for Gadget Pr0n, we've got three new Indie Games for you to check out and we look at some of the hottest tech start-ups on The Loop. Tune in tonight 7/6c for more!

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That's One Hell Of A Cable

Posted July 27, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

That's One Hell Of A Cable

Thanks to these miracle cables embedded with magical antivirus protection, you can play your 360 with the assurance that not only are you safe from rootkits and spyware, but that in the unlikely event they manage to get through this nearly-impenetrable wall of cyber-security, those viruses will at least be quiet.

You'll also be happy to know that your system's video "transmission" will be "transmitting" at all the proper frequencies and that all its...spark plugs are...firing at optimal...megabytes.

[Source] (Warning: Bad Language)

Candace Bailey Storms The Beach With A WaveJet Surfboard, Pictures

We've seen Candace Bailey do practically everything, but we've never seen her shred waves like she did with a WaveJet-ready surfboard under her feet! It was truly a sight to behold, just ask the beach full of stunned surf-junkies that stared on in awe while she schooled it like Kelly Slater, or better yet, take a look at our Candace Bailey WaveJet Surfoboard photos and do some staring-in-awe yourself.

That has to be the most self-satisfied baby alpaca I've ever seen.

I bet he's nervously paging through those photos because he lost track of a couple "junk shots" and now he's desperate to track them down before they hit the Interwebs.

As we gear up for The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, it certainly won't hurt to take an evaluative look at its predecessor, The Dark Knight.

He's the hero Gotham deserves...to spy on people in the bathroom and take blame for stuff based on shady logic convenient to a plot point about silent sacrifice and other complex Kierkegaardian concepts that make you want to mope around the house and shoot jaywalkers in Grand Theft Auto IV all day.

If there's anything that the film has taught us, it's that what evil fears the most is high-tech gadgets of questionable feasibility and grizzled voices. -- The grizzlier the better.

Computer Babysitter

Posted July 10, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Who needs to buy fancy expensive gadgets, or, for that matter, a babysitter in order to keep your little crying, pooping bundle of joy occupied?

All you need is a little programming know-how and a CD drive that you don't care about wearing-out and suddenly, you're free to go about town with your significant other, pretending that you can actually have real fun again.

Gamers Probably Watch Enough Of It Anyway

Okay, Asus, there's knowing your demographic and then there's just blatant pandering.

I guess since they specialize in computer hardware, this might actually be a preview of a keyboard specially-designed for one-handed gaming.


Nowadays, you can't swing a dead cat without mincing a bird in its propellers.

Some people just bury or cremate their beloved pets. This guy, however, decided to do the next best thing: Turn it into a freaking helicopter!

The late cat, Orville, (named, appropriately enough, after one of the Wright brothers,) would become the Orvillecopter! Scourge of the skies...and cows everywhere.

Iron Dad

Posted June 1, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Iron Dad

"Yup. Decided to break out the 'ole Mark II and take the 'lil Iron Baby out for a morning stroll, maybe incinerating a bad guy or two.

I may have money and ridiculous tech, but that doesn't mean I'm missing out on the little things."


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