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Kitchen Knife Nunchucks

Posted October 25, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

The quick, powerful flail of the standard nunchuck now has the added benefit of eviscerating your opponents with a single blow. (And the ability to instantly end your own sex life forever.)

Candace Bailey Plays Sexy Cops & Robbers, Pics

There's a duality to Candace Bailey that's as surprising as it is titillating. One minute, she's a sexy cop, fighting for justice and the right to show cleavage and the next, she transforms into a naughty burglar who's out to steal your heart away. We may not know who Candace Bailey will be from one minute to the next, but whoever she morphs into, it's a safe bet, we'll like her, and an even safer bet, you'll love our pics showing Candace Bailey as both a smoking hot policewoman and a seductive prowler. So, take a peek!


Candace Bailey's Super Sexy Sexytime Tips For Sexiness »

Candace Bailey Dates Kevin Pereira's Dad, Photos

Kevin Pereira's father, Elder Pereira is one smooth operator. How smooth? Well, he got to go out on a date with Candace Bailey, didn't he? Now, all of you jealous types could hate the player, but we encourage you instead to study the pictures of Elder Pereira's date with Candace Bailey. That way, you'll learn how to be as boss a pimp as he is. That's the only way you'll really get the attention you've been craving from the opposite sex, playboy.


Candace Bailey's Date with Kevin Pereira's Dad »


Carrie Keagan is more than Power Girl. She also helps raise awareness for breast cancer and recently, she participated in Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Casts. Her cast is currently being auctioned online to help raise money for the following:

"This awareness campaign is like no other, harnessing the power of art to communicate complex feelings and thoughts about health, the female form and ultimately about breast cancer. Combining sculpture, philanthropy, and symbolic artistry, the one-of-a-kind plaster forms of the female torso are customized by artists and auctioned to raise funds for breast cancer programs all over the world."

Click here to bid!


Carrie Keagan is Power Girl

Power Girl & Bustice!

Behind the Scenes

Click here for more videos and photos of Carrie Keagan as Power Girl!

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Bustice & Power Girl Get Hot And Heavy In The Snow, Pics

We have to hand it to them, it was brilliant of Bustice (Sara Underwood) and Power Girl (Carrie Keagan) to free that imperiled submarine by hyper-gyrating on the snowy tundra of the Bering Strait. Honestly, we can't help but admire their tenacity and their big, giant… intellects. If you'd like to admire their massive intellects, we suggest you check out the new batch of awesome Power Girl and Bustice pictures available exclusively on Attack of the Blog! You'll be glad you did.

Bustice & Power Girl Rescue A Submarine »

Terra Nova's Allison Miller Pictures

We're not sure that we could live in a world filled with carnivorous dinosaurs, but we would consider it if Terra Nova's Allison Miller lived there too. Look at our new, Allison Miller pics and tell us you wouldn't at least think about being stranded with her in pre-history.

Allison Miller Talks Terra Nova »

Other Things That Are The 1%

Posted October 14, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

Other Things That Are The 1%

Are you one of the 99% or the lucky 1%? These numbers are being thrown around a lot lately, all because of the Occupy Wall Street protests against the disparity of wealth in America. But being in the 1% doesn't automatically make you rich. Here are other things that are the 1%.

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Candace Bailey & Sara Underwood Wrestle In Oatmeal, Pics

The oatmeal wrestling match between Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood is perhaps the greatest thing that has ever happened. We predict that years from now, scholars will talk about how the sexy tussle changed the course of human history and your children will see pictures of Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood oatmeal wrestling in their high school text books. Thankfully, you don't have to wait till then to see the pics, because we've got Candace Bailey, Sara Underwood oatmeal wrestling pictures right here on AOTB! Take a gander and remember that you have work tomorrow, so you can only spend about twelve hours or so looking at them.

Candace & Sara Wrestle in Oatmeal »


Pics of Gillian Jacobs from Community

Gillian Jacobs, the blonde spitfire on Community is one of our favorite guests ever and whenever she makes an appearance on AOTS we take a few moments to do two things; bask in her greatness and snap some Gillian Jacobs pictures. Maybe you didn't need to know about the first thing, but we had to tell you about the second, because if we didn't, you'd miss out on the most recent batch of captivating Gillian Jacobs photos and that's just no good.

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The Human Centipede II's Ashlynn Yennie Pictures

The Human Centipede II may be filled with horrible abominations the likes of which mankind has never seen, but at least Ashlynn Yennie is in the movie to pretty things up a little. In like fashion, The Human Centipede II star also did a good job of beautifying the AOTS set as you can see in our cool Ashlynn Yennie photos. We're sure those of you with weak stomachs appreciate the non-centipede glimpse at the lovely actor.

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